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Monday, 3 April 2017

I have written to a lot of different churches letting them know of the corruption being used against me in the tribunals

I have written to the main churches in NSW and I will finish this off giving a spread sheet of my past cases that I have had against me. 

This is to let them all know that the cases of mine are before the NSW parliament and it shows how corrupt those using and abusing the vilification law is. Especially when you have had over 72 different complaints against you in a mere 5 years.  

I just have one group of mainline churches still to write to and I am determined to let all know how corrupt the system is by the way of Anti Villificiation and Discrimination issues. We have the rights to speak out against Gay and Lesbian rights from those Political Provicators  and Activists from the LGBT community.  

Gay rights lobby Marriage Equality , And all other affiliated groups

I support in all ways 
Political Groups like THIS and others with a similar message 

Public contact address

Another mainline group is the Authodox Churches and I will sent out some more mailing in the next couple of days to these groups. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol


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