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Saturday, 1 April 2017

I now have a job, unofficially but this could become permanent in the not so distant future.

I can not advertise the name of the company yet as I am still in the process of getting full employment but what I can say is.

This is a new Generation of computer software are I can take names of interested people (and prospectic leads "do the cold calling" to generate sales) from  that know me from both online and off line and refer them on to the sales team to generate sales. Then when I do get the OK and become employed full time employed, which is not to far off I hope, I can then concentrate on getting leads by publishing material on this blog and travel everywhere Generating leads and business for Sales. 

(All I can say is at the moment is that: this software protects children from Pedophiles and other online predators.)

Untill this happens I just have to keep my head low  and 

(So John M and the other trolls that harass me on line, you will bug off, or else)
As adverse media publicity would damage me, especially if my blog was mentioned.

For anyone who wants information email me on johnsunol2@gmail.com or phone on 0468 309 091 and I will give you information and refer you to a Sales agent.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

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