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LAST POST: Legal Announcement due to proudly Waffen Nazi SS designed Pink-Triangle.org Logo wearing Paddington GLLO Gay Police Persecutors

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This is blog has now been vacated by John Sunol, the man who's Kafkaesque persecution to Guinness book of record level of vexatious litigation, testimony in the future NSW Parliamentary inquiry will shape legal history globally for eons to come.

New Pizzagate readers: you want the most scandalous news on the AUS satanists jailing people for not respecting their satanic craft and sodomy sex magic rights? I know you want that first! GO HERE NOW! It has the multimedia fix you are looking for. And yes an ASIAN-AMERICAN HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTING SCUMBAG IS IN AUSTRALIA - TELLING AUSTRALIAN'S WE NEED TO RESPECT HER OTOAUSTRALIA.ORG.AU SATANIC CULT. SHE HAS BEEN DOXed for the cause.

ALERT: CONTENT DELETED WITHOUT MY CONSENT. BACKUP LINK: http://archive.is/CY099 Black youtube videos work if you open them in a new window.

For everyone else, this is the last post on this blog, and here some last words and truths that need to be said to keep the enemy in check.

Disclaimer: Don't be an ass and be offended by the title of this post - or you are a gay holohoax homocaust denier. The joke isn't mine - it's the guy who drafted the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 Clover Moore '93 Homosexual vilification amendment that fell through in May of that year, but went through in December after my evil Stanwell Park neighbor who's dog mauled my late brother Tasman McKee NSW Police "Service" Minister Ted Pickering crossed the floor to get this pro-pedophilia & boylovers inc respect enforcement legislation passed by the power of one vote.

Gregory Tillett's the architect of this misconceived legislation had links to a satanic gay pedophile cult who drafted the legislation so just like his religion it stated only homosexuals should have special powers [of homosexual vilification] that the masses can't acquire because they don't do gay anal sex magick[tm] to open the gates of hell (source of quote: Channel 4 UK - overtly pro gay TV network) practiced by OTOAustralia.org.au at it's highest levels. This breaks our commitment to the United Nations Human Rights agencies that all courts and all tribunals must treat everyone equally - we can't have equality with homosexuals who have been proven to be extreme fag bigots. Use the dictionary before complaining.
http://www.ohchr.org/EN/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/IndependenceJudiciary.aspx - Read this @NCATNSW and think about how many of these rules you broke.
I'll be going through these at the new blogging location giving examples of all the breaches that have gone on and how serious they all were.

Academic article: The OTO Child rapists exist, just it's been a crime (and still is) to name them by their true name. Their politically correct name is satanic ritual abusers.

Not only that he's a priest in the Theoscopical Society who founded the Thule Society - the religion of the Waffen SS - who designed the NSW GLLO Gay police logo for them. Notice the Madam Blavatsy link between the http://www.younghitler.com/thule_society.htm and the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theosophical_Society He sure has a good sense of humor creating the HomoNazi thought police that turned out to be true to form, but what do you expect form an Occult researcher who got his PhD in NSW Police little boy rapist cover-ups aka leadbeater.org

Here's why my father was targeted and why I was accused of the rarest crime in Australia and First Domestic Terrorist Outlaw Motorcycle Gang law 60C NSW Crimes Act turning me from a nobody into the force of nature's wrath against the unnatural - cause and effect

Watch this to see the HOMO NAZI logo that appears in NSW Police Media Unit designed propaganda.

I Luke McKee UNHCR Refugee Political refugee from AU/NZ (latter due to backing of warrants bi-lateral agreement) Reg HK 2010-00092 will not be posting any new posts here either, but I will be updating existing posts for Errors and omissions only, in my hacker style release early, and improve blog posts clarity, sources and just general housekeeping. And I will keep all the content online via various internet archives and a full mirror taken with GNU wget opensource software.

If you want to take a backup of this blog yourself to show censorship will get you nowhere, here is the "one liner"

nohup wget -S -o wget.log -np -v -r -p --wait=1 -erobots=off --level=4
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johnsunol.blogspot.ru & replace the 'ru' with 'au' if you an are an ausfag etc.

For example you may see changes appear to this post over the next few days, then older posts and they are edited up to proper standards, as now I have the good I need I can stop pretending to be somewhat retarded like Sunol, as I don't need that defense from extradition anymore - we have the goods to file private prosecutions against NSW GLLO Gay Police, and are bringing an attorney onboard. The era of Catherine Judith Burn is coming to an end. In other words the gloves have come off, and the poofter shit has hit the fan.

Future blog posts from Luke McKee will be at victimsofgaybullying.com launching shortly under St Petersberg, Russian Federation Jurisdiction.

The most significant thing that is going on in my world right now, is the realization that ACT Human Rights Commission recent legal action against John Sunol for disrespecting the OTO child sex cult, could not occur if they were betting MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DAMAGES of ACT Taxpayers money if they lost in the END GAME, if they didn't already know the fix was in for the Boylover Burns Vs Tess Corbert and Bernard Gaynor High Court of Australia forthcoming case had been fixed so the NSW/VIC state governments wouldn't be liable for the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for Kidnapping Vivanne Legg and Dyson Devine also for not respecting the OTO Religion of "CHILD SEX SACRAFICE" according to Alex Jones and Infowars.com and of course those jailed for calling this truth to satanic gay power.




BERNARDGAYNOR.COM.AU And yes I confess, I've made a few of those amazing articles come into existence with my research skills, the first being Gay Beats and Public Schools which Garry sued over (I was 4 years ahead of him on this topic ;)

On the same day ad Bernard Gaynor's stunning Victory against the Great Boylover March 3rd in the NSW Supreme Court I published my take on Bernard Gaynor's Supreme Court of Appeals Victory - where he had to pay the boylover looser's legal fees (???) and predicted a why PIAC.ASN.AU PEDOPHILE OTO PRO-BONO LEGAL FIRM EMPLOYEE / Crown Solicitor double-agent Gemma Namley OTO asset would be involved in a future high court challenge before they gave her the orders to get involved. Say again: on the very same day this judgement was laid down I predicted they couldn't let it stand due to the damage it would do the state and occult powers within it. 

That post was on here but didn't survive NSW GLLO Gay pedo police censor threats to Sunol so an archive copy is provided, also taken before long Namely got given her marching orders to clean up this PIAC.ASN.AU "pro-bono" satanic cult kidnapping operation. Yes Gemma Namely works for the very same people who made the The State of NSW liable for the unlawful kidnapping in the first place in 2006 for jailing without any due process or apprentice in court of Vivivanne Legg and Dyson Devine. PILCH = PIAC in case you wanted to know, other aliases include Justice Connect.

I attached an email below to let you know what's going on with a little more detail. Say again the Crown Solicitors motive for this Garry Richard Burns the great boylover and proven perjurer/pedophile's high court foray - is so the NSW Government doesn't have to say sorry for the "Legg/Devine" kidnappings and be liable for millions of dollars in damages for victims of state sponsored deprivation of liberty for bogus charges of not respecting satanic pedophile cults. Prime responsibility for the illegal kidnapping extradition direct to jail without an appearance in court falls on NSW Police who were in attendance and facilitated it and NSW Justice Department's CROWN SOLICITORS who are trying to get out of paying the bill by rather paying more bills in the High Court persecuting Christians by the LAWFARE process of having to spend millions of dollars to be found Innocent - of gay pedophile laid thought crime charges, and getting the OTO / themselves off the hook in the one fell swoop.

I will reveal that I was informing NSW Victims of ACT Tribunal judgments in favor of the OTO child sex cult's bisexual leader David Bottrill not to pay the money for his two tranny kids to blow on accessories, since the NSW Supreme Court of Appeals March 3rd Judgement came through. David Bottrill the applicant against John Sunol knew this of course, and you'd also bet the Intel also filed down from ACTAT (ACT Tribunal) to their underlings at ACT "Human Rights" abuser's commission when all the interstate victims started sending them faxes saying we don't owe you shit - you have no jurisdiction of NSW Citizens. 

David Bottrill commenced his lawsuit against JOHN SUNOL when there was only RUMORS and Garry talking what we though was shit in the halls of court cases against Gaynor of a NSW Crown Solicitor NSW Taxpayer funded High Court of Australia boylover assistance package. This is another one of the 20 pieces of circumstantial evidence, and combined with one big smoking Gun that the OTO and Boylover Garry Burns are one and the same operation who share the same legal backers PIAC.ASN.AU. Again the full dossier and blog post on that is for another place and other time.

In Simple terms what's going on is this: THE Crown Solicitor is representing Garry not because they care about the boylover's pedophilia normalization goals as much as the rainbow labor appointed lefttards in the Tribunals. They are shitting their pants to see what Legg and Devine will do based on the March 3rd judgement that they were kidnapped in an ILLEGAL EXTRAJUDICIAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL KIDNAPPING, JAILING, TORTURE FOR DISRESPECTING OUR SATANIC OTO OVERLORDS. THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE THAT KIDNAPPING LAWFUL AGAIN - MAKING THE RULING THAT POLITICIANS IN DIFFERENT STATES AND DIFFERENT COUNTRIES CAN YOU NEVER VOTED FOR CAN THROW YOU IN JAIL FOR CRIMES YOU NEVER HEARD OF. Australia and NZ have this partnership already in CIVIL and CRIMINAL jurisdictions - including NON-Dual Criminality extraditions, with the Federal Attorney General thinking of adding other countries to the mix in documents I have read. These crazy law swap deals is why my counterpart Julian Assange has been locked up the last few years, though my saga has gone on 10 YEARS and 1 week to this day. And one day it will end when these bastards balls are on toast and justice is done.

Let it be known John Sunol never granted access for me to use this blog. He granted me access to backup his email with imapsync.org to obtain evidence of NSW Police allowing a pedophile suspect to use a fake name in criminal proceedings to him, as was done to me. That police corruption evidence is in safe hands for his protection and will be released shortly should the NSW Ombudsman / New NSW Police Complaints Authority fail to act.

I self-served my access to post on this blog using temporary access I had to John Sunol's account protected by 2 factor SMS authentication a couple of years ago to grant my self to be CO-CONTRIBUTOR to this GOOGLE MANAGED public commons blog with direct access to publish button  so do a "public act" all by myself outside Australian jurisdiction. A Data order to Google's security division can confirm this NSW GLLO GAYPED Police. John is too completely inept to even know how to go into google account settings to revoke my posts, all he knows how to do is edit them. I can't even get him to go into settings and back up this blog into xml. He is that technically inept. Do you need to go to jail for that? And why do NSW GLLO Police put secret Outlaw motorcycle gang law crime of association charges against John Sunol and his family friends Luke McKee and Geoff McKee, the latter gave him his car for $1000 (first offer 200k) bucks out of charity, the only people helping him fight this organized evil? Since when do gays with guns tell people who they can be friends with without USING OLMG gang control orders - saying you can't associate with people who have been never found guilty of a cirme in any court - contary to what can even be done under the NSW Criminal Organization Control act bill. This is criminal abuses of power going on here. Do your worst. John Sunol collects paperwork from US from a newsagency if he needs help lined up with 3rd party benefactors. You don't control your local printing presses eh GLLO gay police? 

There was a recent victory against David Shoebridge and Rainbow Labor Shadow Attorney General who is in email contact with Garry,and the former goes into court with him - tried to give NSW GLLO Police on the spot powers to arrest for thought crimes against the gay master race, they had to segregate the NSW Police to cater for because all normal officers are deemed not good enough for the elite in this day and age.  Just so you know the this isn't over and they want even more special powers to do even more wrongs for special people than they have already done with what they have got. This homo segregation of the NSW Police force is the first great achievement of The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights lobby on their webpage. If you think that's bad. There is a few places place on Earth with MORE Satanic pedo domination that is more morally corrupt and down right evil than NSW Australia, and they all have obelisks. One of them is Wasington DC where the GLLU Special Gay Sex Police advocates there say ON VIDEO THE RANK OF A POLICE  OFFICER IS IRREVERENT - IF ONE HOMOSEXUAL IS INVOLVED IN ANY POLICE MATTER, ONLY THE VERIFIED GAY SEXING HOMO COP CAN BE OFFICER IN CHARGE OF THE INVESTIGATION - THE ANAL SEXING STATUS GLLU HOMOCOP IS THE HIGHEST EFFECTIVE OBTAINABLE RANK IN THE WASHINGTON DC METRO POLICE DEPARTMENT

I am the man that wrote to the Mayor of Wasington DC in 2009 and got his staff to take down gllu.org their website which is now been dominated by some Japanese Lesbians. My new blog will release some jems from the archives over the years. Gay Apartheid Law Enforcement won best innovation in American Government from Harvard University. God help us!

This foray onto John's blog that I never asked him in the first instance (though he may have approved it after the fact - because he can't control his speech due to acquired brain injury) was done to protest the "abcplugspedos" in www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au decision that Robert Oscar Lopez Phd is a hate criminal for writing "Same Sex Marriage is it child abuse on http://tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos youtube video description". He wrote that because he was abused as a child according to what's on SupremeCourt.gov before only a year later used by psychologists as a poster boy for gay parenting. Gay Australian judges ruled the man who gave the main evidence in the US Supreme Court Gay Marriage case, is a hate criminal for not enjoying his gay child sex, so is anyone for linking to his blog (me), and someone linking to my video that links to his post on the public discourse by 3 degrees of seperation (John Sunol). 

By posting on Johns blog directly using my own google account outside Australian jurisdiction I thought he couldn't be sued when he's done no crime of linking to truthful comment that triggers pedophilia normalization activists. AS I NOW SEE I WAS WRONG BY ESTIMATING HOW DESPERATE THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT IS TO SHUT DOWN WARNING THE GREAT DANGERS (STATISTICALLY SPEAKING) TO CHILDREN THAT IS GAY PARENTING AND NOT LAWFULLY DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THEM AS PER Section 25 of The Victorian Equal Opportunities Act - Tess Corbett was nearly jailed for supporting that allows for lawful discrimination against homosexuals who wish to teach in private schools. Garry said he deserves to teach in preschools. God help us if that happened if you actually researched what he's done and what he's said online. Yet he claims to be the ordinary gay man when he is nothing but and even gay magazines are asking WTF is he when he claims it's a crime to associate sodomy with male homosexuality. He even sues fellow Gay Marriage activists and extorts 10k installments from people every month (state sponsored extortion racket - we have his finances!) even before lodging bogus complaints at the NSW Anti-Discrimination board that he is an agent of an PIAC.ASN.AU pro-bono lawyers for the OTOAustralia.org.au satanic pedophile cult - that got him started to take over - another PIAC/PILCH Patsie who was the first to Sue John Sunol

https://www.queerty.com/why-is-gary-burns-the-most-hated-gay-activist-in-australia-20101213 <- See the comments to see him calling in the gay newspapers for a end to Muslim immigration with Fred Nile :-) 

The battle the last two years whilst I blogged here was worth it to find out how NSW lacks justice and integrity so much they can rule pedophiles who declare they are gay men before and after abusing children (Peter Truong) must be respected by a panel of CONFIRMED GAY ACTIVIST NCAT JUDGES

Then the Great Boylover / my Deputy Police Commissioner name dropping stalker since 2009 then turned on my dad (see all 3x "McKee Burns" in case law - proving judical corruption source Bernard Gaynor.com.au) , did perjury claiming the video he linked to didn't auto play and he never saw it when the internet archive 8th biggest site on the internet proves him wrong, and proves his perjury beyond all reasonable doubt, and my dad was found guilty of linking to a video where Russian Infant Rapists / Australian Gay Marriage activists were saying it was homophobic to oppose them getting Drake Netwon pictured here uncensored on the Greatest Gay Marriage Activist in Singapore Alex Au first to open a gay orgy bathhouse there, as uploaded after the gay men were arrested in the US, used to justify gay parenting, gay marriage, and decriminalizing sodomy (in Singapore). 
having the child rape victim being used as a poster boy for gay pride, the cause of his rapists. I can't believe the NSW Government is taking this perjurer on the fast track to the high court of Australia as much as any of you. Let's see how the checks and balences that are meant to be in the system against this level of corruption come into play. I am not holding my breath waiting for justice that isn't called for by the masses protesting - instead of people we pay to do their duty to society who don't.

NCAT defamed John Sunol by saying merely linking to a video and doing nothing else that was critical of ABC praised - gay marriage activists  who rape Russian infants who were human-trafficked only due to Australian government breaking it's laws to allow passports to be issued to kidnappers without DNA tests is plain old "gay bashing" as the Newcastle Herald reported and the overtly pro pedophilia normalization ABC of course joined in. Since this period of activism I have seen even worse examples that occurred in Australia and broke the mainstream media cover-up with US reporters who are CPAC stars and former Wasington Post reporters exposing Gay Marriage Activists who were put on the front of Australian Marriage Equality dot org whilst being child sex fugitives from justice - the same people who can't say sorry for duping their supporters to give money to infant sex porn lovers on the run to sue the federal government in a bizzare case and proudly declaring that pedophiles want gay marriage too. See you in the United Nations Human Rights review of Australia for cracking down on it's own citizens for dissenting against state facilitated acts of politically correct Human-trafficking praised by state media, known as "your abc" who's done it more than once.

See you at the Parliamentary inquiry into the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, and see you in the fields of battle, no quarter given.





Just that the link on your blog and nothing else gets you jailed in Australia on @nodiscrim @NCATNSW gay ped tribunal small "members" (some "members" are so small they don't even have a law degree) order if you share this - who says you must respect the boylover Garry Burns and themselves - even though they are not in a court, to be precise. But so people know what I am talking about I just call them fag judges, but what they really are are faggots pretending to be judges because they can never do their job - because the law requires they assess if normal australian's would find the "public acts" or speech offensive, and they are anything but normal, they are filthy perverted and scatological gay dads incestual pedophilia loving scum of the Earth. If you have big balls - put it on your blog and tweet the link to @t0mcahill (good guy) and @GarryBurnsBlog aka @GaryBurnsblog and wait for the $10,000 dollar demand in the mail after the NSW GLLO GAY PEDO @NswPOLICE help him find where you live.

Another fine example of "hate speech" done by the Australian mainstream media who don't get sued - only the little guy.

The video my father linked on the Causes Site to stop Facebook distributing child porn whilst he was on holiday in Vietnam (he showed the queer judges his plane tickets and passport) to and commented about underneath the video after uploading it that autoplays according to internet archive html source - that Garry opened and watched on the link I emailed him on the first email I sent him he swore under oath he never saw in court. 

All Transcripts both typed by a registered transcription agency and raw audio are to be released at the new site with court audio in this special situation where contempt of the tribunal is justified to preserve the integrity of the high court of Australia.

Hating Mark Newton's and Peter Truong's infant sex by linking to a video about it = "gay bashing" according to the Newcastle Herald who implies a baby rapist is the same as a homosexual when you look at the date this was written and read the case law and see what John Sunol linked to for yourself in the judgement that came out the very same day. Then see the dirt on Gaybashed Ben Smee Newcastle Herald Journalist & occult company GANG STALKING John Sunol as admitted on their own private forums Luke McKee data dumped.

https://www.scribd.com/document/313985736/LWBAustralia-redacts-National-Cararer-Awards-TwoDadsAndMe-Boy-Rapist-Winners - Fostercare.lwb.org.au now openly saying they preference a demographic that is medically proven to be between 3x and 30x more likely toyour  rape children compared to a heterosexual male depending on if you think homosexuals are 1.7% (US CDC) or 11% of the population (Humanrights.gov.au) based on the Bravehearts Child abuse fact sheet showing 35% of all children in Australia who were abused were abused by gay men (37% victims male - 2% abused by women and male). The sins of these people will be brought to account by their victims in the years to come. Got help the wrath for the crimes they knowingly committed. These people said the best person to be a foster parent of children is someone who was arrested for raping a child, who promoted their business with the Greens on 4ZZZ before his arrest. More info / proof here: 

What is spoken flies away and what is written should remain and never be censored by the politically correct pedophilia normalizing thought police. 

https://delecteable.com/2013/03/27/1493/ <- copped an arrest warrant for "extortion" in QLD for suggesting that that the QLD AIDS Council disassociate itself with supporting financially / promoting a campaign - and accepting financial support from infant rapists on the run who support Gay Marriage with SLURP MARRIAGE EQUALITY TEA - give the funds they shouldn't have got if these men were where they belong and didn't run from the USA after the feds took their laptop full of infant sex porn. These men were associated with @TwoDadsAndMe / aka Donald Anthony Gillepse & http://twitter.com/MichaelJames_TV - just as Ben McCormack who started in a gay dad has sex with sun gay drama were. The same men my father warned where pedophiles when he linked to the video he got sued for linking to if you read that video's description that Garry Burns himself submitted to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board. (FYI Rip_n_roll_guys twitter id link converts into @MichaelJames. I'm not here to reash the old news, but as usual there is so many more facts I'll wont repost.

Greens Lee Rhiannon screaming at Immigration "Scott Morrision you homophobic bigot" Let this FBI Infant Sex child porn director / fugitive on the run sponsor his illegal overstayer Paki Photographer for a visa YOU HOMOPHOBIC BIGGOT" - you guessed it another arrest warrant for asking her to say Sorry for this - and dissasocaite herself with pedophilia rights activism that at least Ginger Gorman could do when she SAID GAYS CAN BE PEDOPHILES AND THOSE PEDOPHILES ARE EVIL - yet ABC then claims Garry sues anyone who associates the higher proportion of homosexuals who have pedophilic tendances in the ABC a year later - when that's scientific argument exept from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act - my dad even linked to a medical study on the PUBMED US library of Congress website and was sued for that. God help the real non-GLLO police or the doctors who need to study these things to keep our community safer and allocate resources to fight pedophilia accordingly. 


From: Luke McKee <hojuruku@gmail.com>
Date: 18 April 2017 at 05:19
Subject: Feminists in ACT Human Rights Commission order NSW to respect
satanic pedophile cult in ACT's 1st religious vilification case who's
prophet says all women are only good for sex
To: wall@parliament.act.gov.austephen-smith@act.gov.au,
Cc: senator.heffernan@aph.gov.au

Dear All,

You have just got to see http://JohnSunol.blogspot.com.au to see how
insane this is, Here is a backup if the AFP tries to take it down to
protect the OTO Alister Crowley Satanists: http://archive.is/CY099

Also you will see how OTOAustralia.org.au minions in the 80's Dr
Gregory John Tillett is even involved in drafting the first Homosexual
and Religious Vilification laws that only the OTO has used
successfully in Victoria according to the Victorian Human Righs
commissions self-censored public statement regarding 18c you can find
(to get the 0 byte empty word file they offer on their website they
censored because of my activism you need to go here:
http://preview.tinyurl.com/vcatpedos2 - that will show you the link is
on the human rights commission website and allow you to proceed -
document also attached to this email)

THE OTO just had it's manuscripts and guides showing how to do "child
sex sacrifice" ceremonies released last week by Alex Jones
(INFOWARS.COM - Global Website Rank and his 50 million followers
across all media platforms
https://www.quantcast.com/infowars.com#trafficCard)  and yet your
government says we must respect this satanic cult?

The Head of the OTO Australia David Bottrill (or Bottrell) works for
the Australian Federal Government Immigration Department as manager of
the 457 Visa Section (or that's his ASIS cover at least) and uses his
company phone to make threatening calls to John Sunol,
LoveForeLife.com.au and facebook.com/LukesArmy anti-pedophilia
activists only last week). He has stalked me abroad, threaten to sue
my friends truthnews.com.au.
Hereward has finalized the sale of his parents assets in the ACT and
now has left Australia and is now free to lay it on the OTO pedo scum

The founder of this satanic cult Alister Crowley, who many of you may
have heard of already is quoted as saying by the official leader of
the OTO that women are only good for sex and should be "cloriformed
off at 35".

Is it the view of your ACT government that all women are whores, or is
that only the view of the fake Feminist ACT Human Rights Commission?

ACT Ministers: Failure to respond to me personally will mean you rname
will be going up on the blog saying you don't oppose the decision of
the ACT Human Rights commission to hail the Temple of Set's spirital
guide Alister Crowley and that you AGREE WITH THEM CROWLEY & THE OTO

Remember this scandal is breaking in your electorate, just like it
made national and world news last time the OTO tried this travesty of
justice in 2006-2008 vs Legg and Devine who were kidnapped in an
unlawful unconstitutional extradition to Victoria for a law that
doesn't exist in NSW, that the Highest court in NSW - The NSW Supreme
Court of Appeals just last month confirmed they had no jurisdiction in
the case of BernardGaynor.com.au and tess.corbett@gmail.com vs OTO
Boylover @GarryBurnsblog cited here:
https://www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au/decision/58900a94e4b058596cba3975 aka

Without knowledge of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and PIAC.ASN.AU
(the pro-bono solicitors for the OTO according ot Lawyers Weekly
magazine and the OTO's own press releases at otoaustralia.org.au legal
page) taking this matter to the High court of Australia and the fix
already being in the ACT Human Rights Commission wouldn't be
proceeding with this vexatious litigation against a mentally
handicapped (acquired brain injury from coma) Christian John
Christopher Sunol who has already been sued in 82 complaints from oto
member Garry Richard Burns who was allowed to use a fake name and
sheep-dipped as "Gary Burns" in case austlii.edu.au case law, after
his real name shows he was arrested for hetrophobic hate crimes to
Kings Cross Police Officers as shown by the NSW Supreme Court Case
Burns Seagrave & Anor. The parliamentary inquiry is coming into John
Sunol's abuse in NSW and this ACT action isn't going to make things
any easier for the deep pedophile influenced state.

I predicted that the OTO would dispatch their agent in the Crown
Solictors Office Gema Namely who worked with them at PIAC.ASN.AU
before she was even assigned to the case, by NSW GLLO Police
(facebook.com/policeglbti) took the page down. The internet archive
backup is here: http://archive.is/8IRn0 Gemma Namely has already
blocked FOI's into the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board breaking the NSW
Anti-Discrimination act and rubber stamping OTO Garry Burns complaints
with no investigations, evne allowing duplicate complaints to be
referred to the tribunal:

 Because the NSW Police are liable for kidnapping Legg and Devine for
a satanic pedophile cult where they were sent directly to jail without
appearing in court after already being tried in absentia - the NSW
Crown Solicitor former employee of PIAC.ASN.AU/PILCH that represented
the OTO Gemma Namely is taking appealing this to the HIGH COURT OF

This is a scandal you can't ignore. The documents attached from your
own goverment prove these claims are true. Please confirm you will do
something about the ACT Human Rights Commission claim that all women
are only good for sex and you must respect the great religious prophet
that says that Alister Crowley, who calls himself Satan's cheif of
staff, the great beast 666 who says that or face jail like Vivivanne
Legg and Dyson Devine without being afforded the opportunity in court
to defend yourself in a matter the court had no jurisdiction to rule
on - let alone arrange state sponsored kidnapping, rape, torture and
deprivation of liberty of a christian husband and wife.

The self confessed whore of babylon Diana K Night at the ACT Human
Rights Commission had a discussion with Tess Corbett a party to the
high court challenge where she said THE NSW SUPREME COURT OF APPEALS
can't state the jurisdiction of other jurisdictional courts over it's
own people - only the ACT Tribunal that isn't even a court can do
that. Can you please shut your own fools down quickly before I release
the tape and this story goes viral. I recorded the call without
consent of either party outside Australian jurisdiction, one of the
perks of being a political refugee and not being subject to your
draconian laws.

Kind Regards,

Luke Ledgerd McKee
UNHCR Confirmed Political Refugee from Australia
bit.ly/aurefugee2 for the docs - UHHCR regd HK 2010-00092

Attachments: 3 Government Documents
#2 = tinyurl.com/vcatpedos2
#1 = PIAC's Gemma Namely's High Court Document - Classified outside AUS GOVFUCK DISTRIBUTION AT THIS TIME - Not going to fully derail the high court case just yet.
#3 = Original PDF from the Satanic Self Professed Asian American Whore of Babalon


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