Friday, 21 April 2017

LAST VID: Jim Fetzer PhD & Luke McKee: Alistair Crowley's Satanic Pedophile Cult VS Christian Soldiers in the High Court of OZ!

UPDATE: CONTENT IN THE VID CENSORED BY GOOGLE 4 TIMES TO APPEASE PEDOPHILE CULT & PRESENT in 1080p (though still a rush job..... but part 1 dedicated to the boylover isn't - it's being opensource professionally edited as well as the documentary DON'T HATE GAYBY BABY RAPE - HOW THE BOYLOVERS WON IN AUSTRALIA)
An exposé showing that, in Australia, Christians are being ordered by civil tribunals stacked with gay activists, to publish apologies for "vilifying" satanic pedophile cults, in newspaper ads, or go to jail for contempt of court. The same applies for those who were found to have "vilifed" state-
media-praised "gay dads" same-sex marriage activists who were later found and jailed for sexually abusing their own infant son due to their deviant homosexuality.   Whether homosexuality is deviant, or "normal" these tribunals do not differentiate.  Any person reported for "vilifying" actions or behaviour of homosexual persons will be ordered to apologise, because it is unlawful in New South Wales Australia to "vilify" any person who happens to be homosexual.   However it is OK for homosexuals to "vilify" heterosexual persons.   John also got a letter last month from a "human righs" tribunal for not respecting  That outfit is an Alex Jones Infowars Confirmed Satanic pedophile cult, but in Australia it is deemed to be a religion, and therefore it is not allowed to be "vilified" under religious vilification laws.
This is what my own father and friend John Sunol are facing, for vilifying the "gay dads" Mark Newton and Peter Truong, referred to above.  Who is doing this?  Gay judges and gay activists without law degrees who sit on panels as part of the State Tribunals of Australia: @NCATNSW @VEOHRC @nodiscrim @ACTHumanRights @ACTSupCourt @LWBAustralia @VGLRL @NSWGLRL @PIACNews @Justice_Connect & of course the great boylover @GarryBurnsBlog

And who's fighting back?

@BernardGaynor & Tess Corbett in the High Court of Australia!  Luke McKee has never solicited money in his 10 years in exile as a UNHCR Confirmed Political refugee from Australia/NZ, the latter due to backing of warrants scheme - the same problem Julian Assange has and still wont yet ask for a cent.
But he asks that everyone who wants to see a global end to these
thought-crime laws already in some American states please donate to Bernard Gaynor's legal fund.
Other victims include @gamke, @t0mcahill @SunolJohn @TruthNewsOZ (Facebook) and many many others that have been sued by "gay activist" Garry (aka Gary) Burns and the OTO, including those in Government and public life.  Remember the Gay CEO of Apple Tim Cook previously has tweeted to Obama that these same laws be enacted and set loose upon the American people. Do you want to be next?

Part one is being edited into a documentary style presentation due for release in a few months focusing on the homosexual vilification
thought crimes only. American Allies in the war for free speech! /

Links: (main story link keeps getting censored search this address in (and check in an search to see what the censors got!)

Case Law keywords for or (national):
"Garry Richard Burns" "Gary Burns" "Garry Burns" (serial applicant uses different names in court over 20 years) "Burns Gaynor" (see 2017 case)"Corbett Burns" "McKee Burns" "Legg Devine" (VIC x4) "CRISTIAN v BOTTRILL" "Sunol Collier". All cases are equally great travesty of justice, and the case law is defamatory to the respondents when you research actually what happened in the courtroom.
TIP: The Filter search results by database feature is very useful on Austlii if you know what state it's in
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