Friday, 5 May 2017

200k people watch Luke McKee expose gay pedo judge Alexander John Wakefield, kingpin of the OZ Historical Child sex Arbitration Business ordering children to enjoy their child sex and never complain about it publicly in case law.

Gay Pedo Judge Wakefied who says he specializes in profiting from gay child rape and representing pedophiles on his corporate law-firm blog ruled Robert Oscar Lopez a hate criminal for not enjoying his gay parenting facilitated child rape and speaking out about it here.
Luke Mckee is a hate criminal for linking to a child sex victim who didn't like it, as is John Christopher Sunol for linking to Luke McKee who linked to a victim of child sex. How dare all those people support victims of gay child sex - they must be prosecuted for not loving it and not being a boylover just like the gay judge. This is actually going on in case law!

When this blog expose this last November, Garry Burns send the Police after John Sunol for what Luke McKee published and did all by himself as a public act here:

Garry is a nutjob, everyone knows it.

The Newcastle GLLO Gay child sexxer protector pedophile police quickly reacted to support the historical child sex hush money legal industry and "John" "<-fake name I use in court" Wakefield last November, and John Sunol suffered a stroke from the NSW gay pedophile police persecution.

Protesting this corruption we added links pictures to Garry Burns penis pictures he sends children, and his emails requesting bare back sex with children he hasn't met whilst he has the AIDS virus to the comments on the 1977 ADB Act blog post above. 

Newcastle Police especially detective inspector Peter Mahon believes gay men have the basic human rights to inject AIDS HIV+ semen into a child arse they don't even know especially when it's Catherine Burn's best mate Garry Burns doing it. That's the latest prosecution of John Sunol, all this being quarterbacked by NSW's former Counter Terrorism Chief Catherine Judith Burns. Here's her with a Muslim suicide bomber supporter. Garry is an extension of the NSW criminal gay police who do cyber-crimes getting 10 years jail to protect him as proven here. His views are in line with ABC Television who believes gay men have the basic human right to have sex with SBS dateline calls a "minor" in Russia as exposed here:

Detective Peter Mahon isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, for doing the Great Boylover Garry Burns's bidding and going after my 72 year old university father, on behest of a pedophile suspect who sends his penis picture to children. Here's the link to it:

Julian Assange muses is it timed for an armed resolution against the pedophile loving police? May 11 there will be public protests in Newcastle against Gay Pedo Lover Peter Mahon and co!

NSW Police should be doing their job to arrest Garry Burns mate Peter Tatchell who says sex with 9 year old boys bring joy like the Talmud says when he's not leading the Sydney Gay an Lesbian Mardi Gras (2011) or better yet arrest the Australian youtubers who say pedosexuals should have the right to rape children rather than doing their bidding as they are so clearly doing.

Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed linked to banned sheik who approved suicide bombing

AUSTRALIA’S controversial Muslim leader has been linked to a Middle Eastern sheik who approved suicide bombing and has been banned from the US, Britain and France.
Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, is said to publicly support exiled Egyptian sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi who has urged the world’s Muslims to fight in Syria, the Australian reports today.
The Sydney-based, Egyptian-born Grand Mufti visited Qaradawi at his base in the Arab Gulf state of Qatar in April 2013.

Controversial... The Grand Mufti with NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Catherine Burn at last night’s Lindt siege ceremony. Picture: Jonathan Ng
Meeting... Exlied Egyptian sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi

They are reported to have discussed “the role of ­Islamic communities in Australia”, according to Qatari media, which published a photograph of their meeting in the capital, Doha.
Dr Mohammed has been at the centre of a torrent of criticism in Australia, more recently over the Paris terror attacks when he suggested racism and Islamophobia were partly to blame for the deadly attacks.
Last month, he was also at the centre of another storm with the release of details of a book he wrote saying non-Muslims wanted their women to walk around “exposed as a piece of sweet pastry ... ­devoured by the eyes of men”.
It was also revealed the Mufti had rubbed shoulders with Lindt siege terrorist Man Monis during a visit to the Villawood detention centre, along with the leader of radical ­Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Bloody... Qaradawi has urged the world’s Muslims to fight in Syria

The Australian reported today Dr Mohammed’s name and his Australian National Imams Council are also listed on a petition calling on Interpol to remove Qaradawi from its wanted list.
He is sought by Egyptian authorities on charges including incitement to murder and aiding a prison escape.
The petition says the charges are politically motivated. The 89-year-old Qaradawi is considered the spiritual head of Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood and is a prominent opponent of the Egyptian government.

Terror...The Grand Mufti was under fire for his comments after the Paris atrocity.

He sanctioned suicide attacks on Israeli civilians as “heroic martyrdom operations”, described the Holocaust as “divine punishment” of Jews and has appeared to justify the killing of apostates. He was denounced as a “theologian of terror” in a statement against the use of religion to incite violence signed by 2500 Muslim intellectuals from 23 countries in 2004.
Asked for confirmation that the Grand Mufti signed the petition or consented to it, a spokeswoman declined to comment yesterday.
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