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Saturday, 28 January 2017

John Christopher Sunol/ Tweet Tunnel

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Written  and Published  by John christopher sunol 

I am willing to work with anyone online that opposes the Same-sex-marriage Debate

 I am willing to work with anyone online that opposes the same-sex Marriage (Marriage Equality) Debate

As I personaly see the same sex marriage debate as a series of properganda debates : Leading us down the path of destruction 

Same sex marriage is the curse of the 21st Century And it is leading us into a facist dictatorial state

This is needed as same sex marriage is purely a 21st Century phenomenon  Phenomina which has become Curse upon Western Nations of the 21st Century of Environmental sustainability. This is nothing to do with love

We must all see that is going to ddstroy anyone who ventures down this track of Homosexual rights. Not even all Homosexuals who are involved in a relationship are interested in Marruage.

I will use this blog to show why we must reject same sex Marriage 

I need to find work ??? Online Official Resume "John Christopher Sunol "

This is my official resume. I have an updated resume upon interview.

My contact details are: 0468 309 091 or email  me on johnsunol2@gmail.com 

I am available for anyone at any time and the areas I can work in are: 

 Sales and Marketing: Advertising and Public Relations:
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Any other related area

NB: I have stood for local council elections in the past and co ordinated my own election abd others campaignson occasions over the years. I have co-ordinated and worked for others standing for ekection as well over the years

I need work not so much for the money so I am not so concerned on the size of the wage, as I have no rent and own my own home fully paid for: but I need work for purposes of building up my resume and creditability plus to supply my family with money: and to build on my community profile and self esteem. 

Written and Published by John christopher sunol 


Takde n down for legal reasons

Taken down for legal reasons 

Friday, 27 January 2017

Militant homosexual group demands anti homosexual chuches closed down

This I expect and if we get same sex Marriage legislated these groups next will lobby for all religeous institutions who do not accept same-sex marriage to be firstly no more receive tax free, secondly be closed down if they do not comply with same  sex marriage. 

This we must fight to stop it as same sex marriage has nothing to do with love, it is left wing Cultural maexist (Communist/Facist Totalitarian politics)

Persecution is coming with Same-sex-marriage 

Persecution is Persection : whether it be in the mild form of today in Australia, AND other Western countries 
It Is in a harsh form of days gone by:

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

To all Anti same sex marriage advocates and those sho reject this d (Debauchery) :You must read this !!!

The United Nations Agenda 2030 could be seen as part todo withthe coming of a ond sorkd Government

This is coming and coming very quickly and I believe it is being heralded in by group (s) such as The Illuminati via the masonic lodges to deceive millions of people

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Big Brother is a homosexual activist (The Anti Christ)

All Christians who beleive in the coming Anti -Christ  need to read tjis, then put it with both Revelations Chapter 13 and Daniel Chapter 8

Daniel chapter 8 is on Antiochus Epiphanese a fore runner of the Anti Christ to come Antiochus had a homosexual empire and I also beleive the coming Anti Christ will also be pro homosexual rights, thus legeslate to make the norm Same Sex marriage as a norm under his 7 year rule with a iron fist (Antiochid Epiphanese the Anti Christ Pro To type) - Or A pro-hompsexual activist who supports same sex marriage

This will fool most of the world untill it gets into power and show its real colours. Similar to its proto type, Antiohus Epiphanese

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

My home is my most precious asset: With out it I could not do as I do now !!!

My home and my family are the most precious assets in 
 life. Without them I could do nothing. 
The only reason I can continue on without being stopped is that God has given me all my needs to do the blogging with. One of these is a place to work from and I have a home with no morgage or rent,  fully paid for. No ome can take this from me, as i have no landlord or anyone to tell me what to do, so I am set up. 

A home, a Beautiful wife and a car, and no debts, except that debt to Garry Richard Burns (for $55,000) which I believe he got through Fraud as he scammed this in telling lies over 5 years in the Anti discrimination board and Ncat. (2011-2016

I will never take fault or accept these cases as they are done by Fraud and he is nothing but a scammer. 

God has been good to me in this as well as I was able to make a second bankruptcy from the 23rd December 2016  to the 23rd December 2019 to cover this debt to Garry Burns for $55,000 and I do not have to sell my home. 

I will not go any further into this than what I have already done but my home is an asset which God gave me to look after-myself and no one can take that from me. 

So I will continue on blogging regardless of what Garry or others want me to do or think as I hurt no one. I just only tell the truths of what is going on today

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Our home is our most precious asset
without it I could not write to the blogs like I am now and my life would be ruined so I need to protect this. 

Political Correctness groups want to Change Date of Australia Day on January 26

 This is an argument that should not be held. 

This was 229 years ago in very different from today. This is History and Australia would not have not been formed if it was not settled by the British First fleet (1788)  

(If it had not have been the  British it would have been the French (The French settled New Calidonia and Vanuatu)

The Aboriginals "yes" had their own culture and families, but they were very different from the British settlement  "or the French"  and there was no comparison in culture. 

This is History and we can  not change history and it is useless even trying so all we can do is look to plan for the future. January 26th is a Historic day "Similar to July 4 American Independence day "

I am dead against changing th e Date of Australia Day as Australia would not have been formed if the foundding of the first fleet did not happen. 

We need to forget this and move on. 

(Also political correctness is pushing for Same-sex-marriage) and is nothing to do with reconciliatiom. This is part of a communist/marxist Agenda to destroy our culture and force aa socialist/marxist/communist dictatorship on the Country. 

THEY will do this by destroying our Christian Heritage and force a socialist/communist totalitarian republic upon us. 

We must totaly oppose a change of date and oppose same-sex marriage which is also aligned to this debate 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

The Changing of Australia Day
the changing of History is very bad