Saturday, 20 December 2014

Agenda 21, Femma camps an depopulation is on now ???

Agenda 21, Fema camps and depopulation is on now

this is coming up now and coming up quickly, it will be upon us before we know it so I want to be like small torch light in the pitch darkess and tell people what is coming their way

Take notice to all the links and blog entries I put on as i get this information from the Horses Mouth

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Propaganda war US government and North Korea at hammer heads over Cyber attack: This could lead to a big war ???

John Christopher Sunol
Propaganda war going on at the present moment
United States - North Korea at Cyber attacks again - going hot over new Sony Film - this could end up in war ???

a most undesirable situation is developing but over the new Sony Film and United states and North Korea are coming into Cyber Warfare which is really a part of modern warfare and getting more so as time goes on. 

This has been sparked off this time by Sony producing a new film as a comedy on the ruthless dictator Kim Jon Un (from the Kim dynasty of North Korea) but it would turn into more than that eventually. It could go further than just cyberwarfare and turn into a all out hot war of shooting bullets

We will have to wait and see

Propaganda was often pre-ludes a full scale war by the use of bullets and brutal force !!!
This could do just that we have to wait and see ???

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Eu the new Soviet Union

the EU the new Soviet Union You Tube

I received this you tube off one of my followers from my twitter account. It is on the coming EU country and it is calling this the EU the new soviet Union ???

Yes I think so and I think that all in the EU or the European countries should watch this as it is very important and came from one of my twitter followers.

This is coming under the treaty of Lisbon which is a treaty between all European countries to become one country and many states much like the US came after George Washington and the war of independence then after the civil war of 1861-65 in the United states and Australia became after confederation in 1901

thanking you
yours John 

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Date and time of posting - 19/12/14 - 23.59

the Most dangerous terrorist in Pakistan

this group is very evil, if not similar to that of Isis : for them to go to a school and murder children is really bad, very evil and this groups needs to be fought by all people on the earth. 

This is war and all out war against these groups and this we must fight, I agree with the Pakistani Prime Minister - taliban is very evil and it needs to be hounded out where ever it goes by international police and military. No way should we negotiate with thsi e

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dearth threats for the Lawers who gave the Martin Place Seige suspects bail

Death threats for the lawyers and magistrates who gave the Martin Place Siege killer bail

with so much publicity I would expect this

BUT THOSE THO GIVE DEATH THREATS to the judges who gave the Killer in martin place bail should be hunted down by the NSW police

Then put before the courts and locked up for making such

They are just as bad if not worst.


What is needed is a change in policy by the NSW state government to make any future case of such no legibile for bail and you having to give reason for your bail. Making bail arrangements on such criminal effect a lot more harder

But those vigilantes who want to take the law in their own hand need the full force of the laws on them and they need to be locked up. The Police should hunt down those who make such threats. 

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Date and time of posting - 19/12/14 - 11.35

Multi faith service in Sydey over Marin Place, Islam, Hindu, Judaism and Christianity - how do these gree to the one God, I do not know

Multi Faith service in Sydney - Islam - Hindu - Christianity - Jewish 

These are the main pillars of religion in the world - with accepting Buddhism as well which original came out of Hinduism in India

These are very different religions on their beleif systems and if you have fundamentals in any one of these religions I do not know how they can agree to the doctrines of faith of another religion which is of an entiely different nature.

If you get radicals and fundamentals that stick to their beleifs and they are the only way - you can never come to agreement in the whole of eternity - it is jsut not possible

Tolerance can be held for a short time but tolerance wears thing after time as if I am right and I am the only way to beelive, then I will not agree with something so different as these four religios faiths. 

What we saw in Martin Place on the 15th December 2014 is sure to happen again as those who are fundamental stick to their beliefs will never change in the whole of eternity. 

This just will not work, 

I give this a four star rating towards agenda 21 **** as this ie leading up to the one world church of all faiths coming together under one heading which is a major deception in itself and just can not work. 

It takes a murderous and dangerous thing like what happened in martin Place on Decmber 16 at 2.00am for us to see this but this is only the start of much more to happen. 

We need to be ready as I do not like it but can predict this happening again and the next time it could be worst.

If this man had have got into the Sydney Mardi Gras on the first Saturday in March one year, how much more people would have been killed

A thought for all to remember.

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Date and time of posting - 19/12/14 - 11.30

gun laws debate over Sydney Seige - one senator states in public that Australians need more guns !!!

Gun laws to be  restricted in Australia further due to the Sydney Siege

Gun laws are very strict in Australia anyway after Martin Bryant shooting in Tasmania in 1996 at Port Arthur so far so I do not think that this is the issue. Gun laws in Australia are some of the toughest in the world and we do need people to have guns if they are in a needed situation
such as security guards in cases of carrying money and other important security work, 
Police officers, farmers need it for pest control and others like shooting clubs for practise. 
I do not think this was the problem of our gun laws as the gun laws are very tight anyway.

I believe that the sydney Siege is a problem for offering bail for serious offences. I this man was kept behind bars the murder in Sydney would not have have happened. 

I also think it a problem of hate speech going unchecked and challenged by the Police and the authorities, 9 not the ratbags and Green Followers who want to hamper all free speech due to vilification laws)

That is a police job and I think that in this case if this man was kept behind bars the Martin Place murder in Sydney just would not have happened. 

I think that a very serious and thorough background check needs to be done on all areas for those facing serious indictable offenses to be given bail. I think that maybe more can be offered in assistance whilst in custody - but that is where this man should have been. 

If he was locked up in a custodial areas awaiting for a court case this would never have happened. I would not look at guns i would look at who gets and who does not get bail and what are their reasons for getting bail. 

If you have committed a serious indictable offense and it is a strong case you should be forced to show reason why the authorities need to let you back in the community and if you are let back into the community you should be forced to carry tags on you which show where you are and be forced to report tot he police every 24 hours. 

This is what would have stopped the Sydney siege. 

It is NOT THE GUN LAWS AT ALL as they are adequate as they are at the moment, People who commit crimes like this with Guns can access quite easily firearms on the black market, then what they can get hold of who only knows - Also we do not need more guns given to the people as that would also become disastrous, if you give people guns on demand without correct training or checking then you have a whole host of vigilantes on board who take the law into their own hands - and we become like the Wild Wild West in the Western movies on television or at the movies. We would have a whole host of lone rangers running around taking the law into their own hands and that would become disastrous. 

The present gun laws we have at the present moment are ample. 

This man could have got guns anyway through the black market and criminals.

The problem is who gets parole when you are facing  an indictable serious offence of murder 

You should have to show cause why you are to be given parole when on an indictable serious offence and if given parole - it must be given parole on court orders that you must wear a tracking bracelet - able to be seen by both the Police (State and Federal) and Asio - then strict reporting for bail to a police station once every 24 hours would have been enough. - also orders not to leave a certain area that is designated by the courts. 

If you are in breach of these orders - taken and put into holding cells immediately by the authorities and have your bail conditions refused by the courts

In this case this man should never have been given parole - he should have been put in custody in the first place and this siege in Martin Place would not have happened

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Iam going to do a news years eve resolution on line on new years eve !!!

I am going to put an online new year eves resolution on New Years Eve !!!

I will make this new years eve resolution and put it on line on new years eve in 2 weeks time. I would also make a you tube but at the present moment do not have the equipment to do that so that will wait untill 2015/16 new years eve. 

if you want to read what I put online on new years eve, stay posted !!!

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