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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Islamic state could be one beast, Isis is very evil and we must fight this group to the last drop of blood

From  - John Christopher Sunol

I beleive that Radical Islam (Isis) is one of the beasts that come out of
 Revelations chapter 13. 
there is a number of beasts and the terrorism only forms one part of it which include the Freemasons and the Illuminati using Islamic radicals as an excuse to usher in the coming new world order, agenda 21 of the Kingdom of the real beast of Revelations 666 (Rev 13:16-19) 

Friday, 27 February 2015

war on terror is part of the coming agenda 21 and the global government

From  - John Christopher Sunol

I beleive the war on terror has been introduced to bring the world into a gloval frenzy and make the world a very dangerous place to live. It will raise fear in many millions of people and bring around a good reasoning to bring a global government under agenda 21. This is happening and we can see it press forward. 

Gay marriage in Australia: Married but not wed

From  - John Christopher Sunol

Gay marriage in Australia: Married but not wed

same sex marriage is not yet officially in Australia but those wanting to go into this and become wed as same sex couples are going to the British consulate du to this being legal in England/Scotland since MARCH 2013/14 (last year) and even the Pope is supporting it in a round about way. 

The only way to stop this same sex marriage is at the Poling booth and by letter writing, lobbying and tell politicians if they support same sex marriage we will NOT VOTE FOR THEM AND TURN ALL PEOPLE FROM THEM. 

We must do this NOW whilst we still can before more draconian laws come in to stop us as that is what is going to happen sooner or later.l 

Also it is my attainment to see every last Green thrown out of government as they are a bunch of radicals who have policies which will destroy Australia, ONE OF BEING THAT OF SAME SEX MARRIAGE AS A HUMAN RIGHT when it is not a human right, It is a behavior and this behaviour is very destructive to all whom go down this path - plus it is the minority groups, a very small section of a community less than 5% as a whole and when it comes down to the tick tacs only around 1% of the community as a whole want same sex marriage, NOT EVEN ALL HOMOSEXUALS AS THEY LIFESTYLE IS TOTALY DIFFERENT FROM THE HETROSEXUAL LIFESTYLE - do not beleive Pols as they tell the lies as lobbied by the gay   lesbian rights lobby ??? - the times are not turning we still can lobby and an putting this out for all who do not like this that it is getting to late so we need to lobby against same sex marriage. 

Lets us look at the real statistics, not only sets of a Samples taken from a demographic group that all support same sex marriage.; 

The only way I would believe polls is for a complete census on all demographics with all made out of closed questions in a question air and not leading questions

It is not possible to believe statistics over this highly controversial question unless it is done in a total unbiased way of forming the questionnaire which is not possible at the present moment

So do not believe in the statistics put out by the Gay and lesbian human rights groups as these people are liars with a political objective, just vote out all members of the Green party and any politician affiliated with the Gay and Lesbian rights lobby in politics then go around informing others of the truth. 

My comments on this article 

Now is the time for all person that believes in a proper family to rise up and speak out against same sex marriage and other issues of such so called human rights from the gay and lesbian rights lobby before it is to late.

It is now getting to late so I want this to go all around Australia and the world to all christians and those involved in such no gay marriage activities to see that we are loosing a mammoth battle which we must fight to the very end.

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The terrorist are very wealthy and highly educated

From  - John Christopher Sunol

Terrorist are often some of the most wealthy in the world and highest education, This is not a war of the poor and downtrodden. It is a war based on ideology and philosophical thinking and power. 

We are fighting a very different war than all others in history