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Saturday, 7 March 2015

world war 3 is here, You Tube on Russia Ukraine where the US goes to war with Russia !!!

From  - John Christopher Sunol

this what is happening in Ukraine is very serious, if the United states ends up going to war with Russia over Ukraine, then world war 3 is already on

My comments

I know I have spoken about world war 3 a number of times but this is only but one of the situations which could become the flash point of the long awaited for third world war, If Russia came in against Ukraine, America came in support against Ukraine, then we have a world war 3 on our hands already. 

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Fred Phelps has gone to be with the Lord - and passed from this earth into the next life

From  - John Christopher Sunol

and the world needs another to take over from where he left off: this could be one of the roles I fulfill 


i will act differently as I am in a different country (Australia and not the United States) and I am in a different time. 

I think the writer of this article got it all wrong, very wrong

Fred Phelps was not a angry bittered man who thrived on conflict.

Insfread he was a biblical scholar and a lawyer who knew what he was doing and when you protest against people like he did you will get conflict, there is no way out of this.

I do not think he thrived on conflict at all  but it cam his way as the people he spoke against were very unethical oppressive and on an agenda, the gay agenda and they could see him as a threat to their ways of living. They did not like this so they went on a demonising case against Fred

I can see the mistakes he done but I know that those who attacked him are very oppressive and out to change society so i will raise my own head and speak out against the same people.

That is official from now on !!!

My comments

I do not think Fred was an angry man looking for fights at all. i think he was being demonised by those who are taking me to court as they knew that he was right, very right. 

From what I read was Fred was a lawyer and a trained human rights activist so he knew something that most people do not know. I am the same, i have degrees in social activism and social change so i know as well we are fighting very oppressive and evil people who stop at nothing but to put their point out. 

So I see Fred Far better than Mathew Shepard and those that worship this nasty little fool who was murdered yes but he got what he was looking for by attacking real criminals and arian style white racist people in the wrong way.

I beleive Fred Phelps was genuine - he might have done things a little differently than me but he was still genuine !!!



I will not be at this Mardi Gras, I can do more at home on the computer online and in front of television.

1. It is to crowded and I would get no where by going to the event, All i would be is packed in a crowd of people who are singing praises to the wickedness going on. This is totally and utterly useless as I want to make effect to oppose this event and show groups like GLAAD GRLR and the Greens that this is a curse upon Sydney. I have far more of an effect from at home on the computer and in front of the television and if anyone wants to contact me they can do that by using the number below

2. I do not agree and I want to show that I am not in favour of this event

3. It would prove useless for me to go down to sydney and I can have a far greater effect in front of my computer and the television

4. If a terror attack does happen I do not want to be part of this as it will be a disaster

5. I use to go 15-20 years ago each year protesting against it with Fred nile and his group but it proves more effective for me to be on a computer in front of the television these days I can put out more protests against it.

6. I would like to become the Fred Phelps of Australia against the Mardi Gras but I will use different methods and my curses are all members of GLAAD and their policies, all members of the Gay and Lesbian rights lobby and their policies and campaigns and the Greens where the speak on sexuality and equal rights (Gay Marriage etc)

7. My nemesis would not be Mathew Shepard (which in reality was not really a hate crime, this was only a bunch of thugs who murdered a fool spreading his virus of gay and lesbian equal rights to the wrong people at the wrong time)  but that of Garry Burns who has taken me on so many times on a fraudulent political based cases and told lies with others to get me out of a taxi which I use to do as a job. 

8. To all who read this, I would like to become the next Fred Phelps in Australia - I might not agree with all Fred Phelps does as I do things a little different - He did not thrive on conflict and this article I feel is  very wrong. He had morals and his morals was biblical. He was a well educated man who was a lawyer and a theologian and if you say this about Fred Phelps being an Angry Bigoted man - then he is far far less harsh than those who followed Gods word thousands of years ago as God has some very harsh things to say about sexuality in the books of Leviticus, Romans and other passages - Fred  Phelps was no angry bittered man who thrived on conflict he knew what God said about sodomy and spoke out the world with no fear and straight to the point. On the other hand members of the groups I mentioned about are very oppressive groups and need to have people speak out against them and that is what I will do. 


Fred Phelps was a far better man than those who are taking me to court and members of the GLRL and GLAAD - these groups are dominating groups with no freedom at all and wicked in the eyes of God. Fred Phelps was a genuine Man who done things a little different than everyone else, I might not follow him fully over some of his actions but he was a far better man than the groups he was speaking against and that includes Mathew Shepard. 

I have spoken war against these groups and that is what it is, all out full scale online lobbying war. 

8.  I am contactable on my mobile 

which is 0468 309 091 - if anyone wants to 

phone me for an analysis of this event 

feel free

Lets pray for the safety of the people of Sydney, 
Lets spray that God stops this event in its track before something far more horrible happens, I pray that God Pours down rain Hail and very bad weather on the Mardi Gras tonight to force it to be stopped. It is a big danger to the City to Sydney and a completely defamatoryblasphemous drug haunt run by criminals and drug dealers

I wish to pray that it pours down Hail and rain, and a big 

big storm like that has passed in Queensland over the 

Past few weeks comes to Sydney tonight to force this 

event to be cancelled big time and stopped in its tracks from happening

I also fear most of all that a major terror attack could be 

looming on Sydney and this event is a perfect 

opportunity for 

suicide terrorist to do bombing and mass murder

That would be the Ultimate nightmare on Sydney

Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras  - this would come without warning if it was to come and we would not know until it came upon us - for these reasons and that of practicality I can do more to speak against it from home on my computer and in front of the Television than among the huge crowds during the process of this event

If anyone wants to phone me I will be home and my 

mobile is 0468 309 091 which is open for all to phone me 

over my analysis of this event. 

That I do not want to happen as this would create a 

crises in this beautiful city of Sydney

Far better for Gods anger at this event to come in the 

form of a big storm of hail and rain, lightening and huge 

winds to stop the Mardi Gras in its tracks or the other 

will occur sometime in the future

When we do not know but this will come at a moments 

notice with no warning

This is a warning from John Christopher Sunol
One little extra - homophobia does not exist
It is propaganda by the homosexual rights movement to lead up to a Gay agenda for a one world government - they will subvert all good previous christian teaching to bring about a one world government

this talk on Homophobia is a lie, Homophobia does not exist, it is a lie made up by gay and lesbian rights lobby and the GLAAD groups to set a political agenda; It is my duty as an activist who is anti gay to show all the truth and this comes under the message from the previous blog below. In reality homophobia is part of the propaganda program as put on by the Sydney Mardi Gras and the Gay agenda under way today. 

The homosexuals worship this event and we need to undo this psychological attack on human minds

My comments on the Sydney Mardi Gras 2015

Homophobia is a lie and does not exist, it is a made up con job by members of GLAAD and the Gay and lesbian Rights lobby to deceive people in the use of propaganda like I mentioned below to change the public attitude

i am out to make it my role in life to expose all this for what it is, part of agenda 21 and a con job to such people in as explained by the propaganda artists as put in the articles below.


Examples of propaganda like that being used in the
 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2015

More attacks upon me by Online trouble makers who have been persecuting me and telling lies for years now

These are more attacks upon me done by the same bunch of trouble makers that worked with Burns to set me up in the following court cases

They are now working with Burns to attack me. I tell all Zgeek members, I tell Burns, I tell all members of GLAAD groups and I tell all members of the GLRL, I am going to become your worst nightmare online if you do not stop taking me to court on false charges and take down all the lies on me, 

Plus give ME an apology and own up that I lost my taxi authority only due to a political attack from Burns and others, NOTHING ELSE AND I WILL NOT RECOGNIZE WHERE I WAS WRONG. It was all a set up done by members of these groups

My comments on the articles

These are only political attacks by liars who hate my guts and want to destroy me as I stand for the majority of people and against gay and lesbian rights and the role of terrorism in these groups and their mates the Islamic Jihadists. 

In reality they are terrorising honest straight people like me and the people who oppose their political agenda - same sex marriage - and gay and lesbian rights - which are not rights at all - it is a shift in social policy to the left wing feminist socialist red politics done in the past before by people like 

1. Adolf Hitler
2. Joseph Stalin
3. Napoleon Bonaparte

and taken from social theorist and economic writers like Karl Marx and Friedrich  Engels - looking from a Leninist/Maoist style of living. 

This is just as we are going back into under the coming agenda 21 and it will be 10 times worst that the dictators in the past like I speak on starting with Napoleon Bonaparte due to the nature of modern society and the huge technological change today from the times of the past 200 years

Mind control will be used perfected by Karl JungEdward BernaysWalter LippmannHarold LasswellJoseph Goebbels and others will be used by agenda 21 to 
shut up people like myself
and what has happened to me over time. - my court cases which were all based on lies from the complainant


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