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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Draft Bill of the NSW parliament 2013 (Serious villification and Anti Discrimination ammendments) : sent to hearing October 19 2015 NSW parliament

John Christopher Sunol



this is very serious, if these ammendments come to the NSW anti dsicrimination bill
We have lost our free speech to rect situations publicly which are going to destroy NSW 
and the whole of Australia by the way of discrimination acts 

The anti dsicrimination act is a cop out to quite down those that want to speak the truth. 
if a person realy does incite hate


there are other criminal laws available to the NSW Police to handle such situation 


I am going to fight to the day I die to get rid of the NSW anti Villification laws on Homosexuality as they are
Abused by one individual whome I will not mention

My comments 

I have been twice set up and framed on seriojus villification which 
I will NOT recognise.

Once in 2011/12 and a second bite at the cherry in 2013/14
This man will not give inL He calls himself a
 Anti discrimination campaigner
but he is neither an activist or a campaigner, 
He is only a deluded man living in his day dreams comitting
Skuldugerry, abusing the law and purjering himself before the courts.

I will say no more as if I do he screams victimization to cover his own paths
when in reality I do not vitimize him, never have and this is only a ploy
used by a person with obessions to cover his own tracks
he has OSD 0 obessive compulsive Disorder in all the cases against me. 

Both were rejected by the Attorney General as they were a Political 
attempt to shut me up. They man who took me tells lies and committs 
pure open premeditated purjery to get his way by making deliberate false 
stories to get a political end

These laws are NOT NEEDED AND WE MUST ALL FIGHT TO SEE them taken 
off the law books 

If you wish to contact me: 

I do not beleive that John M is one person, it is a Psuedo name which a number of people are using to attack me with - this is what the comments on my videos are from a John M - this also goes for those under the name of Beanie Hynes adn Mr Shiny Pants - all of whome write adverse comments on me not related to my videos - I lost control of being able to delete these comments - which come from Stalkers who want to destroy me -  but untill I get this control and I am able to delete these comments - please ignore all adverse comments on me as I am constantly under attack by troble makers and cyber thugs due to the controversity of my messages and personal hates to me by those on a political bias

Please take note all: I have adverse comments on a number of my you tubes, this is only people attacking me and none of this is true - I lost control of being able to delete these comments but when I regain control these adverse comments will all be deleted emediatly

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

I wish to state that if anyone things that anything I write villifies or 
harasses anyone then that is not what I mean to do. It is not right 
and I am not taking ownership of any such statements. 

This blog is NOT to harrass, villify or do anyother thing that is illegal,
 If that is in the mind of the reader it is certainaly not of my intention. 

This blog is primarily to inform the world over agenda 21 and the
 issues I talk on I give my own interpretations all through the blog and 
do not state that all must beleive this. This is my beleifs and it is up
 to your own choice to follow me or not,.


John Christopher Sunol

Pope Pushes Malthusian 

Elite Agenda In Historic Ca

Date and time of posting 

Saturday 29th November 2015 - 19.00