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Same sex Marriage from Ancient History and the Roman Legal perspective



same sex Marriage is not a new concept, it comes out of Ancient History, 
the First recorded parts were from the Greeco/Assyrian Empire of Antiochus Epiphanes
(born in 215BC) then at teh Aged of 40 in 175BC became ruler of what was to be known as 
the Selcid Period one of the worst times in the whole history of man - under Maccabeens). he ruled with an Iorn fist untill his death in 164BC

Then the next recoreded time on an equaly horrific scence was the Roman Empiror Nero (born in 38AD - ruled from 54AD to his death in 68AD) This modern 21st century fascianation with same sex marriage dates back to these times and is a revision of what was Ancient Pagan Rituals. 

In Daniel chapter 9 and 11 it is seen as part of the last days

My own comments - on this article

I see the rise of same sex marriage on the science not to be new. It is brought from 
Pagan Ritiauls of the past long shunned and condemmed by God

Same sex marriage is living in Wickedness under the authority of God and will bring a final destruction to the world as a whole. 

All we are doing today in teh 21st centrury is going back to these ancient Rites and pagan customs that was performed in Ancient History

Note: If I am labelled a homophobe in rejecting these ancient Pagan Marriage rites - then I am a happy little Homophobe living in my joy - and I encourage all to live the same as I see that as my role in todays society

I actively encourage all to become labelled a homophobe like me and reject same sex marriage openly and publicaly

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