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Saturday, 27 February 2016

A new totalitarianism: a homosexual dictatorship coming to planet earth where same sex Marriage and other equal opporunities rule over the majority in a totalitatian state



this coming right now. It was prophecied throughout Hisgtory in the bible and other books
but now we are looking ar reality, 

Lets us watch and take note as this is going to be bad and part of Agenda 2030, which trransforemd from Agenda 21 in September 2015. I feel that this coming one world government, which some would identify as the beast of revelations could be this totalitarian dictatorship under a femenist/Marxist/Socialist political philosophy which uses hate crime and discrimination to force its totaliatian rule, All who do not line up with the rules are classified rebells - hate mongers - homopohbes - and outcasts (much similar to George Orwells 1984 (first published in 1948/49) and Audious Huxleys Brave new world (first published in 1932 depicted of the future in the late when it was written 20th Century. 

The Gay Agenda seeks dominance, 

these are the facts of what is realy being sought by the Marriage Equality groups and their

 comments - on these article(s)

I can see this cominmg and I am willing to put my head on the chopping block to warn all people of this. It will be run by the Illuminati and their cronies - those in the Masonic Lodges with a secret esoteric coding system to be able to force their rule effectively.

to point this out, persecution of the church by same sex marriage advocates has already started, In the United states a judge lost his appoitnment to the bench as he was a christians and beleived that same sex marriage was part of an agenda and not from biblical teachings. 

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Please take note all: I have adverse comments on a number of my you tubes, this is only people attacking me and none of this is true - I lost control of being able to delete these comments but when I regain control these adverse comments will all be deleted emediatly

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I wish to state that if anyone things that anything I write villifies or 
harasses anyone then that is not what I mean to do. It is not right 
and I am not taking ownership of any such statements. 

This blog is NOT to harrass, villify or do anyother thing that is illegal,
 If that is in the mind of the reader it is certainaly not of my intention. 

This blog is primarily to inform the world over agenda 21 and the
 issues I talk on I give my own interpretations all through the blog and 
do not state that all must beleive this. This is my beleifs and it is up
 to your own choice to follow me or not,.


John Christopher Sunol

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