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Saturday, 14 May 2016

I have a duty to speak on the coming Agenda 2030

Agenda 2030 is coming

This is the new plan formed out of Agenda 21 which was first conceived in 1992

That is what this blog is all over amd I will keep on doing this for at least the next 14 years untill it is all here.

I promise all that

Written by John Christopher Sunol
At 6.09 on Sunday May 15 2016

Massive scandal on Marriage Equality

Massive Scandal

Massive scandal broke out last night in Australia. You just Gotta see this !!!

Australian Gay Marriage activists child porographer got all the gay media, Australian Marriage Equality, The Greens (Hanson/Lee Rhiannon) Get up (130,000 signatures) the ABC to support him over-rule  immigration and get a visa for his photographer Pakistani Muslim boyfreind.

On top of that his gay activism got him $6.2 
A.  https://pozible.com/project/17689 

(Same videos removed from youtube this morning - all data backed up by yours truly. Nowhere to hide !!!)

This will sink gay marriage in Australia. This is the second time the ABC Queensland gave a platform to a  pedophile, this time the Gay Activist seeking the limelight was on the run. From the FBI since 2010, interpol warrant since 2012, praised by secular left 2014. 

Rolling updates on Luke McKees twitter account.

News links to back up these claims

B. http://news.com.au/national/queensland/australian-scientist-de-matthew-hynd-sentenced-for-child-porn-offences/news-story/104181d838e0abee54da659479375ad

C. https://www.justice.gov/usao-nday/australian-man-sentenced-78-months-distributing-and-possessing-child-pornography

D. https://www.communityrun.org/petitiins/don-t-deport-ali-choudry



G.https:// www.lindekin.com/in/matthew-hynd-1857b210

E. http://pinknews-co.uk//2014/01/03/australia-gay-man-in-civil-unionFaces-deportation-to-pakistan

F. http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/tag/matthew-hynd


H. http://www.thegaurdian.com/world/2014/Jan07/petition-to-halt-deportation-of-gay-man-delivered-to-scott-morrison

I. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agHc06BkFJk 

J. Http:/4sarah-hanson-young-greensmps.org.au/gay-mans-deportatiom-dangerous-and-irresponsible

K. https://plus-google.com/1373338352633

L. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-07/petition-opposing-gay-mans-deportation-garners-1200000-signatures/5188784

 M. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-07/gay-man-faces-deportation-to-pakistan-as-relationship-not-recog/5183462

N. https://www.facebook.com/lee.rhianan.posts/10152156799096133


Reminds me of this http://tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos - that the ABC says is a crime to link to their own videos on Qld ABC praised a gay marriage activists (http.csulb.edu.au) pedophiles on youtube if people comment negatively about the sugject matter in it (search that link in austlii.edu.au for the case law & see http.abd.net au/news/2015-06-25/newcastle-blogger-ordered-to-refraim-from-villifying-homosexuals/657086) http://archive.org/details/TwoDadsAreBetterThanOne (NOT TRUE) and he was interested in getting kids before his partner pulled the account this morning too. 


Written from Luke McKees email
By John Christopher Sunol
19.50 Saturday May 14 2016 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Homophobia and transgender legislation coming to make homophobia a criminal offense

This is coming to Britain and Canada, it will not be to long and it will also come into Australia, This is OK if it attacks the real criminals who advocate real violence, but this not intended for thar as laws to prosecute those with real criminal intends (like assault and other violence such as murder) are already in place in the criminal code of law, as they have since the early days of the modern legal instutions and legislation. This is not needed as there is enough laws on the criminal books to take a assault perpetrator or even a person who commits violence and hatred which leads to death in the law without this. This set of laws criminalizing homophobia and hate crimes are not put in place to catch the criminals. Rather they are made to make that we can not speak against same sex marriage or other such issues without getting a criminal charge and record upon us. THESE LAWS are designed to work with Agenda 2030 and stop anyone speaking  out against the political corruption that abounds in the femenist left wing Cultural Marxist issues that  pervail around such issues as same sex marriage

This is bad, very bad and is open to abuse by thise whi want to shut up anyone who speaks out against the present day political climate. 

I call myself the happy little homophobe but I do not condone violence. Homophobia being made criminal is open to serious abuse and let us hope this never comes into Australia (but I think it will as some people like the Greens and Gay and Lesbian Lobby are pushing for this even in Australia). The same sex marriage agenda under agenda 2030 is pushing for this and if it does then the churches like I go to will come under persecution. We will never accept same sex marriage even if it means going to prison. It is against our ethics and Gods holiness in our life and our spiritual values are far more important than a carnal value of obeying mans law but rejecting Gods law. 

God calls homosexuality sin and same sex marriage is pure wickedness before God and we must keep that to our lives. 

It looks as though homophobia could be designated a criminal offence under the coming Agenda 2030.

This legislation is designed to silence the vocal critics of same sex marriage and all other related issues such as I am when I call myself the happy little homphobe living in my joy. 

Writen by John Christopher Sunol
10.30 14th May 20216

I will be working on Poling booths and in Public for the Christian Democratic Party Fred Nile group Local branch this Federal elections 2016

This coming Federal election I am going to run a polling booth in Newcastle again and I will meet thousands of people I will be in contact with.

I am very anti Green and labor due to the processing of same sex marriage (within 100 days of Labor winning this federal election) and other such issues so I will work hard over the next 7 weeks and on voting day to back the candidate Milton Caine for the seat of Newcastle with the CDP. My main focus is to get known in Politics so I can stand again after I am discharged bankrupt in Feb 2017. I will also back and support the Fred Nile group as I have already being doing for many years. 

I am putting up the local, and the national web pages as a link to this blog entry for all to read the official policies

I am going to go in public and help on Poling Booths and scrutineering  as aftrr Feb 2017 when I am dischaged bankrupt I intend to stand for politics again and I need to build a profile and name in the local communities and this MUST START NOW !!! To have any success at all.


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
Friday 13th May 2016 17.20

Thursday, 12 May 2016

the First attack on me

this is the very start of my troubles, It was fraud that was put on me by a Henry Collier. Henry died in 2010 due to heart failure and Garry Burns then took up the good fight for the homosexual community and brought in his lies which he configured to make himself a hero. Garry is only a hero all on false concocted evidence which includes the criminal code of deliberate purgery. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol.
13.00 Friday May 13th 2016

Islamic preachers from Melbourne stopped by AFP from leaving Australia in North Queensland

Australian firebrand Islamic Preachers stopped by Australian Federal Police from leaving North Queensland to fight in Syria in Small Boat

These five should be all put in a Australian Federal prisoner of war camps like  we had during world war 2 (1942-1945) for safe keeping. These camps need to be run by Australian ADF trained prisoner of war officers in a Military style as we are now at war.  I agree with the Australian  Authorities completely and all Islamic clerics of such nature  need to be  rounded up and frog marched into these  PRISONER OF WAR camps set up in  Australian deserts for their safe keeping.

These five men are the sort of people that should be housed in such camps in Australian deserts, run by Austrlian Military trained as Prisoner of war guards. These men should be deemed as enemies of the state for fighting with our enemies. (THESE MEN ARE TRAITORS TO THE COUNTRY THAT THEY reside in should be treated as such)

If this happened during world war 2 whilst we under attack from Japan you would have been frogg marched off to a POW camp to stay until the war was over. The same today with Islamic State, we are sending our Military to fight Islamic State in the battle field and we just can not tolerate people going to fight with our enemies.

Any Australian citizen by birth who is found to support Islamic state needs to come under the careful watch of Asio and the AFP - then at the first available sign of them joining in with Islamic state they should be put into a POW camp set up by the Federal authorities, run by Military trained Prison officers and put in Australian outback areas where they can do no damage. Stay there indefinitely until Islamic state is completely defeated and destroyed as they are a national security risk to our country. 

These people are a national security risk to all Australians and need to be dealt with accordingly

Written by John Christopher Sunol
3.49 Friday May 13th 2016 

My comments

I am going to help out some candidates in the coming Federal election July 2 2016

I Can not stand myself this time but next time yes after I am discharged bankrupt. I do not get discharged untill February 2017. I am going to a meeting tomorrow to work with candidates as I want to see every last Green thrown out of Parliament and we must not vote labor either as they both support same sex marriage which is the curse of the 21st century directly from Satans headquaters on all who go down this path. I am adamant about that and I intend to push this point to all.

I will also be writing on election issues on this blog all the way through this upcoming election. Looking for controversial issues such as same sex marriage. 

I will also comcentrate with other issues both controversial and of a national defence  nature. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
20.05 Thursday May 12th  2016

My comments

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Same sex marriage is a curse from the pits of Hell (Ghenna)

This is where it comes fromand where it is heading to. All of those who enter into this arrangement, that is where they are heading. They are deluded demonic forces which are the prince of all liars to beleive anything else.

That is the main reason I am so anti Green and now labor as they want to join Marriage Equality, which not marriage Equality at all. It is all deception and led by demonic forces

I have nothing else to say over this issue, except that I am Anti same Sex marriage all the way

This is a case in the United states where a Judge had his licence removed as he did not agree with same sex marriage, This is very wrong and if we vote Green or Labor this could come to Australia, churches could be closed down and fined for not marrying homosexual couples in a same sex marriage ceremony. The Gay and lesbian rights lobby will deliberately target anti gay ministers to force this on all and take them to court when they will not marry. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
15.30 Thursday May 10th 2016

My comments 

A perfect example of what can come to bite you in the bum when you make a mistake - even years down the track.

I have been set up and framed right from the beginnings. This leader called Pirate from Zgeek appeared in my first original case of Collier vs Sunol in 2005 right from the beginnings of this whole scenario which I have been through. He told lies from day 1 at the start and I was being mocked online big time. This is before the whole scenario with Burns. Henry Collier brought in the homosexual lobby which was already present before Garry Burns came on the scene.

This silly video I did make in error back in 2007/8 and I had a then friend of mine suggested I make it to show anger at what was happening during that time. I had it online for less than 24 hours and had it taken down. I took it down as I knew I made a mistake by showing anger online, but alas it was taken and copied by the very same people I was speaking against and turned back on me to show all that I was bad. It was used to demonize me to my audience online. 

This was in the early days of you tube and most is not all Zgeekers were techies (a term for technology buffs) who were stalking me big time during this time. When they came across  this they copied it and used it against me thus I lost control. Even  to date 8 to 9 years later this is still online and I have no control as Zgeek  copied my original before I took it down as they were stalking me big time in these days

I will say no more but let you all watch this again with another video which is my own answer to this.


Note all: this is the long term outcome of all of this, it is going global: Read and watch this all please and take note: 

(What we do right now can have consequences in the future (years down the track) - this is one example of that. - just look at these statistics, taken off blogger at one instance in time. 10.50 on Thursday 12th May 2016: people looking at my blog at one instance in time:


This has many consequences, both for you and can be used against you as well. )

Another total lies made by Zgeek to attack me with. 
John Sunol is going to murder Me - and Pirate the leader of this group was the one who told lies against me in the first 
Collier vs Sunol case back in 2005 - this is why I made the stupid mistake of making THIS back in 2007/8 when all this trouble was going on. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
Thursday May 12th 2016

My comments - this is the video that this post if all over and it is online, I made it up at first yes in 2007/8. Made this in anger and had it online for less than one hour and realizes I made a mistake, then I took it down immediately. 


But zgeek were full of trouble makers who were stalking me at this time and defaming me big time, as I made a mistake they saw an opportunity to defame me big time and took this and put it under their own administration. 

It is still online being used against me 8-9 years after it was taken down. Pirate the man in charge of zgeek was such a bunch of trolls and a trouble maker that he even told lies in my first case with Collier vs Sunol and helped set me up. When I challenged them for their blatant defamation and lies about me, I made a mistake and took down my mistake which was suggested by a friend of mine during this time who made the video for me, they took it as they were stalking me big time and used it against me to attack me and make me sound and look like a fool. They used defamation and lies to attack me with. 

All need to watch this video in conjunction with my answer to this. 

Thanking you



Burns vs Sunol cases going Global

This is going world wide and becoming global, especially when you see the amounnt of different languages this case (and they could write on any of the 14 case studies there is up to now) is translated into. This is translated into 124 different languages. 

This is only one of the 14 case studies (Burns v Sunol) from decisions that I have had over 4 years from 

The other cases were from Collier v Sunol and the case from Sunol v Ministry of transport all of which are of the same topics with different players.


Written by John Christopher Sunol
22.20 Wednesday May 11th 2016

My Comments 

Sparkles the Pony put back ON this blog

I want this to get all over the world and for all to come against these groups.


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
17.40 on Wednesday May 11th 2016

My comments

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

More information on me put out by my enemies

This is more posted information on my by an enemy to all people on earth. This is what happens when you speak out against corruption and areas which are very controversial in society. Issues like same sex marriage etc are some of the topics I speak against


Written by John Christopher Sunol
16.43 on Wednesday May 11th 2015

My comments

Indonesias Muslim Warrior Takes on Islamic State in Cyber War

This war against Islamic state is going all out but it is also incapulating warefare as never seen before, (Cyber war) and I can only see this getting worst. The longer these battles go on. 

This modern (Cyber war) is as it was in (1914) right at the beggining of world war 1 (known as the great war during this time), with advent of Air War into conflicts. 

That is where people like myself and others need to be online all of the time using todays tools to help defeat groups like Islamic State and others in different areas (such as same sex marriage advocates).

I see this as a battle we must fight for all humankind on this earth. 
I see this as a new form of warefare all can join in with. I will use it also to attack other evils such as same sex marriage. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.22 on Wednesday May 11th 2016

My comments

My case came out again on the 19th and the 29th April 2016

2. On the 29th April 2016

these two decisions are the latest of a long line of cases which you will see in this link that Garry has done against me. This is for precedent setting purposes to make case law and I am not sorry for this so I can not and will not make an apology. 

This is as no apology from me would be genuine, I am not a liar like this man is and I can not make this. 

I do not know when this is going to finish but it has gone on for over 10 years when you add the first online thug  and trouble maker, Henry Collier and his cases. I just do not and will not recognize this as anything but done by liars and trouble makers to set legal precedents for an alternative reasoning. 

Even if it went on for another 20 years I still will not apologize or even recognize where I am wrong. 


Complaint 1: 1410195

  1. In a complaint lodged with the President on 7 March 2014, Mr Burns asserted that material posted on Mr Sunol’s website between 5 March and 7 March 2014 amounted to “homosexual vilification and serious homosexual vilification”.
  2. Mr Burns claims that he visited Mr Sunol’s website on 5 March 2014 and downloaded the following content:
This is a blatant straight out lie made out by the man who took me to court on false evidence. The NSW state attorney General is the person responsible for giving the go ahead on prosecution of this offence and the attorney General in my case did not see where this fitted the crime of serious vilification. Burns is a liar and a purger who makes up false stories to gain his own satisfaction and commits open purgery. 


I just can not and will not make an apology as I would be telling lies, I am not sorry for this happening. I do not recognize that I ever vilified and I have been set up to create case law to be used on others. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol, 
1825 (6.25pm) on Tuesday May 10th 2016

My comments 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Federal election is off to a start !!!

The election has now got underway, I am going to talk quite a lot on issues to do with Politics and this could become quite interesting. I will speak on issues right accross the board and not just stick to one issue. 

But my main goal is to turn people against the Greens as I see the Green party and thier policies as a cirse upon everyone and my objective is to get as many as these out of places of pokwer as much as it is both humanly and ethicaly possible. 

These monngrels back and support the Psychopath who  is taking me to court (and others) and to get his rocks off in the taking of both myself and others onm villification accusations which are all alot of bullshit cases with no real substance to rely on.

This is my goals for this election.

From Now on I will lobby heavily on this blog to bring down the Green Party, as I see them a social, economic and moral danger to all AUSTRALIA, they are full of radicals whome are loopy to say the least !!!


Writtn by John Christopher Sunol
On Monday May 9 / 11.50

My comments
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