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Gay adoption leads to a murder of a little baby girl / 2011 Parade Leader of the Sydney Mardi Gras says sex with 9 year old boys brings joy!

It's funny that some +NCATNSW  judges (soon to be named & shamed) are gay activists with a lesbian daughter in tow she takes every year to the Sydney Mardi Gras, are publicly supporting gay adoption then think they can with apprehended bias still prosecute people from the bench with no law degree for criticizing stuff like what the media covered 2 days ago: Yet another gay adoption caused preventable child death. Yet with "hate speech" laws it's a crime not to wish the latest gay adoption victim had not been killed! No wonder it's a FACT The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board that enforces these laws founder has links to a satanic pedophile cult that believes in gay child sex magick that sues every Anti-Pedophilia activist group in Australia worth it's salt - the O.T.O. & Also Dr Gregory John Tillet who got his PhD studying NSW Police Charged mass gay child rapist occultist with OTO sex magick training Mr C.W. Leadbeater - yep a PhD in little boy sex cover ups occult heros wrote the world's first homosexual vilification laws.

Every day there are news stories flooding in like this if you know where to look. Below is the news from 2 days ago on another preventable gay adoption baby death... Why does such a minority do so much child abuse? Why does 35% (source:Bravehearts fact sheet) of all child abuse get done by the 1.7% (source: USA CDC.GOV) of the population that is a homosexual minority? I guess god did not create all people equally. For the sake of the children - effective risk management & discrimination should be carried out to protect the overall welfare of ALL children by blocking those whose promiscuous lifestyle and perversions make them statistically a greater danger to children than those who are not peverts, from getting unfetted access to minors. When compared to those who are not afflicted homosexuality on a statistical one-to-one basis, a homosexual on average is more likely to be a pedophile than any given heterosexual. If the KINSEY OTO PEDOPHILE / myth is true that 10% of Australia are homosexual, then a homosexual is still three times (3x) more likely to abuse a child than the average heterosexual. If the US CDC is correct (and they are) then the average mother needs show 20-30X more concern than usual if their child has a gay football coach or teacher as the risk is that much higher, statistically speaking.

20 years ago gay dads baby rape incest from birth sex acts, day in day out and child trafficking across 20 international borders by two "gay dads" (Mark Newton and Peter Truong) using illegally obtained (corruption) Australian passports for a Russian national issued without a DNA test could not have happened. 

But thanks to the effort of the Gay and Lesbian rights lobby this new class of endless sexual abuse from birth has been made possible, all done by a demographic that was previously blocked from getting children or even loitering around public toilets. If blocking gay parents from adopting children only stops one child rape or murder per year from happening it is worth it in my opinion, and that is an opinion I should have the right to express.
Video: Boys Beware: Los Angeles Police and Inglewood unified schools district warn boys of the danger of using public toilets known to be in use by homosexuals as criminal gay public sex sites (aka safe gay public sex crime and child grooming zones - in partnership with Garry Burns and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, and NSW Police's GLLO's & Counter-Terrorism Deputy Commissioner Catherine Judith Burn) If any police officer blocks the right of a NSW gay man to solicit sex from minors in a toilet, they will be reported to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board. Both the Sydney beat project website and Facebook site use the logo of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board a government agency as their own to show the state now. When the Partnership between beatproject & the ADB was made - Sydney Beat Project supported decriminalization of live gay public sex shows in children's playgrounds and child grooming. The even have a DOB IN A COP form (reminiscent of dob in a bikie) and a tribute to Catherine Judith Burn on their media page. My prior research shows law enforcement officers have been given stand down orders by professional standards command, with a specific example being Sydney Town Hall Stations toilet as a safe grooming zone of school children by gays from my former NSW Police contacts now based in Thailand.

Whereas in England the LGBTI Liaison officers perform this function directly. Research to be published shortly. English MET Officers claim a homophobic hate crime to report child grooming in public toilets, as the deceptive advert placed in the public toilet directs people to the London Metropolitan Police homophobia hotline (not labeled as such).

But instead we have NCAT judges ruling gay men with AIDS should be able force private health insurers to pay to keep them alive for their lifestyle choices, whereas children born with childhood cancer don't get the same privilege (CAS vs TAL Life). Again and again +NCATNSW  rules the gay man must be placed above the child. And that's no pun when you look at all their case law in the Children's Guardian cases (working with children clearance certificate appeals) to see most homosexual pedophiles get working with children certificates because "we the gay judges of NCAT believe they won't offend again" where as heterosexual offenders always get knocked back most of the time. I am calculating the statistics from NCAT case law on this, and will release the data soon to prove statistically they are biased in the favor of GAY PEDOPHILES - not gays - but GAY PEDOPHILES - i.e. those previously charged with same-sex child sex acts or suspicion of doing it. The ADB and NCAT courts of child sex normalization are going down HARD!

Watch John Sunol be sued for Luke McKee's writing publishing this? Will Garry Burns next be a baby girl gay murder normalization activist like he has proven himself to be a gay dads baby sex normalization activist in the "abcplugspedos" case suing people for disrespecting members Mark Newton and Peter Truong because he argued they are gay - and comments directed against them are therefore also directed against all homosexuals too. By his case law rulings homosexuals must be respected no matter what they do to a screaming Russian infant.

If the leftists in the UK didn't normalize gay adoption then this child would still be alive, and instead be left in the care of a demographic that would have given her a safer up-bringing rather than growing up in a house of sodomy sex.

Even homosexuals admit it is true that a homosexual is more likely to rape a child than any given heterosexual in this video:
Milo also admitted he was gay raped into homosexuality as a child.

Gay father, 31, who denies murdering adopted 18-month-old baby girl and is bailed to face trial in June is named publically as judge lifts reporting ban
  • Reporting restrictions put in place at a family court over the death of a baby in December have been lifted
  • Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, of Cornwall can now be identified after the reporting ban was removed
  • Scully-Hicks is accused of murdering 18-month-old adopted Elsie Scully-Hicks

Gay father Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, of Cornwall has been identified as the man accused of killing 18-month-old adopted baby Elsie Scully-Hicks
Gay father Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, of Cornwall has been identified as the man accused of killing 18-month-old adopted baby Elsie Scully-Hicks
A gay father has appeared in court charged with murdering his adopted baby daughter.
Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, of Pengelly Delabole, Cornwall is accused of killing 18-month-old daughter Elsie Scully-Hicks in May last year.
Scully-Hicks, wearing a black suit and pink tie, appeared at court today in front of judge Mrs Justice Nicola Davies.
He pleaded not guilty to one count of murder at the plea and trial preparation hearing.
Reporting restrictions which previously prevented the identification of Scully-Hicks and the offence that he had been charged with were lifted on Friday after an application by the media in front of Mrs Justice Nicola Davies. 
Scully-Hicks was granted bail ahead of his murder trial in June, expected to last four weeks. 

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Russian children don't like being adopted by gay dads...

Yet the most famous gay Activist from Singapore Alex Au uses a picture of gay dads' Russian infant rape victim as a poster boy for gay pride and legalizing gay adoption. Compare the two stories and see the sexual positions used by the "GAY DADS" on the infants, on the link below.
(Author refuses to take down image, he likes child rape victims used as a poster boy to further the cause of their rapists - aka agree - it's homophobic not to love child sex victims being used as poster boys of the gay pride movement)
Infant Anal Sexual Position Video Guide Review by US law enforcement officers describing what the people ABC Radio National Australia praised as "gay dads"do to little children:,%20Edward%20Indictment.pdf BoyCuddle2 in this document = Peter Truong as confirmed by the ABC in this documentary below made by Lesbian Carol Meldrum-Hanna (girlfriend is Lisa)

Audio of the ABC praising infant rapists who called Russian police "homophobic" for trying to stop Australian government facilitated human trafficking that is going on in Cambodia RIGHT NOW (issuing passports to kidnap children of other nationalities without consent of birth parent in regions with no COMMERCIAL adoption laws, or where it is criminalized and comes under human trafficking statutes) A target of VGB (my old blog) has been arrested on human trafficking charges and before arrest was praised by the ABC yet again.
Garry Burns has successfully argued in court, and on appeal that these gay baby rapists must not be vilified, because they fall under homosexual vilification protections by saying the magic words "I am gay" on ABC before abusing children.

The NSW Anti-Discrimination former President who got Garry started wrote a paper saying Mass Child rapist and proud boylover until the day he died Robert "Dolly"Dunn, given P16 Form immunity from Catherine Judith Burns Mentor Lola Scott IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, and he shouldn't have been investigated by the Wood Royal Commission  - because to investigate one gay child rapist is to investigate all gays - therefore gay child rapists shouldn't be investigated.

The Australian SODOMY [CHILD SEX] PARTY leads to fight legalize human trafficking because the racist Greens believe every gay man has a right to treat a Asian Women like a $1/h hooker (9 months @ $1/h = $6000 the average payment given to an illegally hired under 10C NSW Crimes Act / Surrogacy Bill 2010 3rd world homo-nazi baby factory breeder sex slave from the 3rd world)

This article implies that the Russian teens have bad genes for not being able to love growing up in a house of sodomy sex. Sick disgusting journalism. Tom Cahill muses is their dress sense a signal to child sexual abuse? 

FYI: NCAT gay judge Anne Britton ruled it's a crime to expose Obama's "dear friend" Terry Bean raped little boys, and claimed Obama had no pedophile friends at a time his pedophile friends were facing what USA today called "child rape" charges.

'Adopting has destroyed us': British gay fathers who took in two Russian toddlers fear one will KILL them after being threatened with knives, screwdrivers and even strangled with a DOG LEAD 

  • Glenn Hammett adopted Renat and Max from an orphanage in Ulyanovsk
  • Renat, 21, was diagnosed with Graves Disease, which causes psychosis 
  • When Max was eight, he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism
  • After attending a specialist school, Max is on a very different path to Renat 

Tiny and fragile, little Renat was frogmarched into the waiting room by two determined Russian women and stripped of all his clothes. 
It was minus 30C outside but waiting for Renat in the room was Glenn Hammet, a teacher from London, who quickly handed over a brand-new outfit he had been told to bring.
‘The clothes totally swamped him,’ Glenn recalls. ‘He was three but so malnourished, with terrible skin, he looked half that age.’
In 1998, Glenn Hammet (left) and Keith Millay adopted Renat (right) from an orphanage in Ulyanovsk, 550 miles east of Moscow. Two years later, they adopted Max from the same place
In 1998, Glenn Hammet (left) and Keith Millay adopted Renat (right) from an orphanage in Ulyanovsk, 550 miles east of Moscow. Two years later, they adopted Max from the same place
Despite the forbidding atmosphere, it was a moment of unbridled joy that Glenn had dreamed of for as long as he could remember – one that, as a gay man, he never believed was possible. 
On November 12, 1998, in the unlikely surroundings of a Russian orphanage in Ulyanovsk, a frozen wasteland 550 miles east of Moscow, he had finally become a father.
Once the formalities were completed, Glenn rang his architect partner Keith Millay to tell him the good news. Keith had remained at home, allowing the couple to dodge Russian laws which banned gay adoption but allowed it for single men.
Two years later their little family was completed when they adopted three-year-old Max – who was not related to Renat – from the same orphanage. And so, with a beagle called Buddy as a family pet, their new life in London began.
At first, Glenn and Keith relished their new-found family life. But their hopes of a fairytale ending have turned into a living hell. They have been left penniless, and emotionally and physically shattered. Their kindness has even put their lives in danger. Over the past six years Renat, who is now 21, has tried to strangle Glenn, 59, with a dog lead, and assaulted both men.
Renat, now 21, (left) has tried to strangle Glenn, 59, with a dog lead and assaulted both men. The couple have taken out a restraining order, which he largely ignores
Renat, now 21, (left) has tried to strangle Glenn, 59, with a dog lead and assaulted both men. The couple have taken out a restraining order, which he largely ignores
He tried to suffocate his brother, threatened all three with knives and screwdrivers, hacked into their bank accounts and went on spending sprees with their credit cards.
He has punched huge holes in the walls of their London home and repeatedly smashed furniture, computers and TVs – causing tens of thousands of pounds of damage.
In desperation, Keith and Glenn eventually called the police and a restraining order was issued to stop Renat turning up at their East London home. He largely ignores the order, leaving the men fearful for their safety.
Glenn admits: ‘Our lives have turned into a nightmare. We are physically, emotionally and financially destroyed.’
Neither parent imagined that life would turn out like this for them – torn between feelings of love and responsibility on one hand and intolerable reality on the other. They are speaking now to highlight the risk every adoptive parent takes when they take a child from an orphanage into their home – a child who may already be damaged beyond repair, and who may find it particularly hard to adjust to life with gay parents.
‘We knew we took a risk taking toddlers from an orphanage,’ says Glenn. ‘Their dormitory had 40 small beds crammed together, each one with a red number on the headboard. No adult slept with them and I don’t know if anyone would have heard them cry. The babies were left in their cots for much of the day. Older children were left to their own devices.
‘We were aware that both of them could have been abused, physically, mentally or sexually. And when a child has been neglected, their ability to make relationships or trust people is affected. They can be prone to learning and emotional difficulties. But we were willing to take the risk with toddlers because that’s the age group I teach.’
All they were able to discover about the boys’ history is that Renat was dropped off at the orphanage by his 20-year-old mother the day he was born and Max had been looked after by his grandmother for nine months after his mother abandoned him, until she could no longer manage
All they were able to discover about the boys’ history is that Renat was dropped off at the orphanage by his 20-year-old mother the day he was born and Max had been looked after by his grandmother for nine months after his mother abandoned him, until she could no longer manage
Glenn adds: ‘I thought the critical time would be when the boys were little. Keith was more aware that toddlers become teenagers. He was right. It has been much worse than I imagined.’
All they were able to discover about the boys’ history is that Renat was dropped off at the orphanage by his 20-year-old mother the day he was born and Max had been looked after by his grandmother for nine months after his mother abandoned him, until she could no longer manage.
They hoped to give the boys a better future, but their lives in Britain were difficult from the start.
Max, who was tiny, struggled to speak. He had been so undernourished that his tongue hadn’t grown properly. Glenn and Keith paid for speech therapy for several years until he spoke perfectly.
As a child, Max would place a crocheted Chinese lantern carefully on his bedside table, explaining: ‘It’s to catch all my nightmares, because they are very scary.’
Renat was moody and occasionally aggressive, but articulate and extremely bright. Both boys were often withdrawn, but Glenn and Keith put it down to their traumatic experiences and difficulties with adapting to their new language and surroundings.
When Max was eight, he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, which Glenn calls ‘institutional autism’. 
He qualified for a Statement of Special Needs which meant, among other things, that the council paid his fees at a specialist school, Fairley House. Max believes the diagnosis saved his life. 
‘It meant I could stay in a school for children with learning difficulties which had very small classes,’ he said. ‘It was a safe environment for me, and I made decent friends. I doubt I would have coped in a state school and it’s probably why I am here now and not insane.’
He is currently flourishing at Portsmouth University, where he is doing a degree in biology. Keith, 64, says proudly: ‘Max has aims, is organised and very driven.’
As a child, Max would place a crocheted Chinese lantern carefully on his bedside table, explaining: ‘It’s to catch all my nightmares, because they are very scary’
As a child, Max would place a crocheted Chinese lantern carefully on his bedside table, explaining: ‘It’s to catch all my nightmares, because they are very scary’
However, a request for Renat to be statemented when he was a schoolboy was rejected on the grounds that he didn’t need one. Ever since, his life has taken a different – and far darker – path to his adoptive brother’s. Keith says: ‘Renat has become a danger to his parents, his younger brother and himself. Even the dog is terrified of him after he broke his tail.’
Unable to afford to send Renat to Fairley House, Glenn and Keith sent him instead to a less expensive private school in London.
Both boys admit they had difficulties at school dealing with their fathers’ sexuality, and at the peak of his disruptive behaviour Renat would even resort to hurling homophobic abuse at his parents.
‘Some of the children bullied me because I had two dads and no mum so I used violence against their words,’ Renat recalls. ‘I also took it out on Glenn and Keith because I felt it was their fault. I went through a homophobic phase. I think gay parents need to be very sensitive when they adopt because of how other children may react.’
Renat was asked to leave his school and went next to a boys’ comprehensive in North London, where his behaviour deteriorated still further and he began to mix with a local street gang.
Renat was asked to leave his school and went next to a boys’ comprehensive in North London, where his behaviour deteriorated still further and he began to mix with a local street gang
Renat was asked to leave his school and went next to a boys’ comprehensive in North London, where his behaviour deteriorated still further and he began to mix with a local street gang
Glenn and Keith had paid for private mental care and therapy, but were told that full mental health assessments were not available for boys over 14. 
Social workers were assigned, but appeared to take little action about the damage to their home. ‘At 15 he would sometimes be out all night and we were worried sick,’ said Keith. ‘After a few months he dropped out of school altogether, then refused to leave the house for six months. He became incredibly violent and we couldn’t cope.’
Finally the violence got so bad, they had no choice but to call the police and apply for the banning order. Keith was devastated. ‘The only thing left was to criminalise him, which is terrible. He has spent more than ten nights in a police cell since he was 15.’
After a period spent sleeping on park benches or sheltering in 24-hour McDonald’s restaurants, Renat has now found a job in a pub and is preparing to move into a flatshare in March. 
He admits he is still violent, though he says his parents are no longer the target. ‘I break their property instead,’ he says. 
The accumulated cost of Renat’s behaviour is shocking. Glenn estimates it at about £60,000 just in the last six weeks, involving damage to a new timber floor, walls, various antiques, electrical equipment and a computer. 
‘We can’t afford to keep repairing everything because our finances are dire,’ says Glenn.
‘Our bank account is permanently in the red. Our three credit cards are maxed out and we can’t get through the month without taking payday loans.’
For Keith and Glenn, the result is a mixture of fear and guilt. ‘I feel bad about our failure to get any kind of proper help for Renat, spurning him and making him homeless,’ Glenn admits. ‘We also feel guilt about Max because we didn’t protect him and he has suffered badly at Renat’s hands.’
Last April Renat collapsed and spent a week in intensive care at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead. Doctors diagnosed Grave’s Disease, a common cause of hyperthyroidism, which can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, psychosis and other behavioural problems.
Both fathers cling on to the hope that this might be a reason for his disruptive behaviour. Long-term treatment is needed. Glenn says: ‘Mental health assessment and support is extremely difficult to access, I want to help improve the system and to connect with other adoptive couples who have suffered like we have,’ says Glenn.
Having endured such torment, do they regret the adoptions? ‘‘There are moments I wish I hadn’t,’ Glenn admits. ‘I still want to believe that, with the right kind of help and treatment, Renat could make something of his life. He deserves that chance.’
Renat is at least starting to show a flicker of remorse for his behaviour. ‘I am grateful I wasn’t left in the orphanage, but I cannot control my temper if I am at their house,’ he says. ‘Sometimes I feel guilty afterwards.’ He has applied to do a foundation course at university, hoping eventually to study mechanical engineering.
How likely that is without proper mental support is anyone’s guess. If he manages it, Keith and Glenn’s nightmare may at last be over.

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RESEARCH links above by @t0mcahill - enemy of the boylover and all of members who want to do same-sex sex-acts with children. We became friends investigating Garry Burns proven associate Peter Tatchell

Cut and paste from some Intel I shared on Peter Tatchell to the KiwiFarms gay pedo stalker faction that threatened to kill everyone inside my mother's house doing whilst the bidding of the boylover Garry Burns.

Video: Proof Garry Burns is closely linked to fellow gay infant sex normalization activist Peter Tatchell (in his inner circle of personal Facebook friends - yet Garry Denies it ON TAPE)
^^ Picture of Peter Tatchell's letter ^^
Sydney Mardi Gras: Peter Tatchell stands on a float holding an anti-Pope sign
^^ Bernard Gaynor was Sued by Garry Burns for critizing his mate's Peter Tatchell love of sex with children. Peter Tatchell who lead the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras in 2011. Peter Tatchell's wet dystopic dreams of jailing all that oppose his love of sex with children (BNP & friends) came true when Garry Burns sued Bernard Gaynor.
"Instead of a single chief of parade leading the march, this year several gay individuals who had the courage to "say something" and make a difference in gay people's lives were celebrated as heroes.
They included gay Hollywood actor Lily Tomlin, gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, and Hannah Williams and Savannah Supski, who protested against the ban against same-sex couples at Hannah's Melbourne school formal.

Thousands lined the streets the 34th annual parade, with revellers maintaining their enthusiasm despite the cold winds and sporadic rain."
Every year the chief of parade Sydney Mardi Gras represents the values and spirit of Mardi Gras. Previous chief of parades include campaigner Peter Tatchell, diver Matthew Mitcham and actor Lily Tomlin. (because Indonesian's don't let gay men buy babies - yet they go to Indonesia and try to buy all the same)

The real reason for this attack was it the BNP that broke Tatchell's pro pedophilia activism in the past, and PinkNews I think has deleted the article where Tatchell promise to sue the BNP over exposing his love of child sex.

He makes the same pretend story as Garry Burns made about "being thrown from a great height" against his enemies with no names, no proof - just professional victimhood status. More is coming out on Garry Burns testimony with a fake name at Glebe Coronor's court and the goal of his activism in league with to amend the juvenile criminal code to make it a crime for a child under 16 to defend themselves from a gay child rapist with lethal force.  That research is coming soon.

"He goes on to describe the most horrific events: nearly being thrown off a moving train by BNP supporters and being chased into traffic by a gang carrying knives. All these years, his peaceable bearing has given the impression that he lived a quiet though passionate life. In fact, it’s been “like living through a low-level civil war, in constant fear of attack, every time I left my flat”. He has been diagnosed with PTSD in which the trauma is ongoing, and says that specialists have often been amazed that he is not more affected by what he has been through"

Wow this is just the same excuse Garry Burns uses to get the dole. They have so much in common, and of course are proven Facebook friends.
^^ Vordak being censored by Google EU Laws being used by Peter Tatchell's pedophile gang group on Facebook for exposing Peter Tatchell saying ANAL sex brings joy to 9 year old boys ^^

So you think Peter Tatchell is OK Garry Burns confirmed mate - proven from hacking into his facebook on the battlecam video link.

Here's the TOTAL PROOF that it was really Peter Tatchell saying I am Australian (but am in UK elections) so I know of a tribe in PNG where daddy fucks his sons up the arse, how wonderful and how it can bring joy to children being gay raped.

- see replies / other letters to the editor on link above to prove without a doubt peter Tatchell wrote the letter below. Remember this pedophile lead the Sydney Mardi Gras in 2010 the same year that a certian NCAT judge was there with her underage daug

Wow his lobby group goes into bat for PIE the pedophile information exchange child sex legalization efforts who wanted to make 10 year old boy sex legal under the rainbow labour government - and he wrote a chapter in the boy sex book that @Vordak investigated before you attacked him.

More details on Garry Burn's close buddy and lover of boysex.

He's also ranked in the top 25 Rainbow Labour Party of England's Hall of Gay Pedophilia FAME!

Yes it's photo-shopped but.. PIE is real and only suspended membership this year, and Peter Tatchell has formally been involved with them and supported the organization and talked about the joy of 9 year old gay child sex. Read all THE Newspaper replies proving the Guardian letter embedded here is REALLY him. Also go to Vordak's site (witchfindergeneral) to read his book of little boy sex Tatchell co-authored.

More info on NSW GLLO GAY CHILD SEXER PROTECTOR POLICE (aka RAIDS against Sunol & more on Peter Tatchell / Garry Burns:

Read how GAY NSW NCAT judges rule that children who were raped by homosexuals (Robert Oscar Lopez Phd) under the care of gay parents who since grew up to complain are hate criminals for the sharing their experience in an affidavit to the US Supreme court in the famous SCOTUS Gay Marriage decision. Yes, it has been ruled it's a crime to be a victim of gay child sex and not enjoy it, and break the secret covenant between boylover and boy by sharing the truth about your abuse in an affidavit. Also ruled in the same court case: so is anyone who links to the document they wrote, or linking to a YouTube video, that's description links onto to Robert Oscar Lopez's thesis same sex marriage is child abuse. In order words they ruled it's a crime to link to the best evidence against gay marriage there is, from those who know best, children who grew up under the care of Gay Parents.

It is OK to complain publicly about your child abuse story if a member of the opposite sex abused you as a child, only same-sex child-sexing child abusers are protected by the NSW Government, as it's a matter of "gay pride" to protect gay pedophiles and prosecute those who dissent against child abuse or Australian government facilitated human trafficking by the elite protected minority group.

Also on the same link below how the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board director Chris Puplick ordered the first transsexual man in the world EVER to use a women's toilet [in a woman's prison] and how that lead to a MASS TRANNY AIDS RAPE GATE event of 4 women that had to have their rape cases covered up so he could get an Order of Australia in the same year the rapes were covered up after formal police charges were filed. +NCATNSW Judge Anne Britton used John Sunol case law to rule against Corrective Services violating tranny aids rapist right's by telling his prey (women in prison) he had AIDS. He won ~$250K after doing the rapes at @NCATNSW from corrective services and a $25 grand from the Gender Center paid for by NSW Southern Sydney Area Health Service when Christopher Puplick was the director. Lies were said in Hansard in questions on notice from Fred Niles claiming the was not funded by the NSW Government when it was since inception. The day after we broke the Puplick MASS TRANNY AIDS RAPE COVERUP story, John Sunol was arrested. Puplick admitted on the phone he's using Garry Burns as a proxy for his police complaint so he doesn't get any scrutiny in his jobs stopping the spread of HIV+ AIDS working for the Ministerial Task Force for or the head of Psych Evaluations for rape victims in jail at (Director).

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

situations getting very close to war in south China sea with Phillipines and China/North Korea

this has been building up for some time and it will blow on full scale without notice, We will see and wait how Donald Trump will handle this and Donald Trump could be very different that Barrack Obama in handling such as situation. 

I can not see Donald Trump taking it to kindly if he is told what to and what Not to do by China and North Korea over the south China sea dispute with the Spratley Islands.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol

Private TouristPlane crashed into busy supermarket

This was  a aircras and the pilot (even though he died in the accident is being checked out) other issues such  as an Civilian Airport being so close to busy traffic. 

Also it has been noted that if it had have been half an hour later many more people would have dief in a crowded shopping complex in Victoria. I do believe in circumstance, I beleive that this was Gods protection for many people. 

Satan brought the plane down possibly by Human Error but Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit protected hundreds of innocent victims by the timing and way this aircraft crashed

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunols 

Boylover Defeat: Father of seven’s three-year court battle results in smashing victory for free speech in Australia

But no instead, the NSW GLLO gay police prosecute sunol for "harassing Garry Burns". What corruption we have here.

Featured Image
Bernard Gaynor

Caleb Stephen


Father of seven’s three-year court battle results in smashing victory for free speech in Australia

February 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – An Australian Catholic father of seven has won his case in New South Wales after he was accused of vilification for publicly objecting to what he believed was the blatant promotion of homosexuality.
Bernard Gaynor, a former military man and outspoken free-speech campaigner, received a favorable judgment last week in his battle with the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board and the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).
“The New South Wales Court of Appeal handed down a judgment that effectively ended three years of progressive totalitarian action against me – and all Australians who dare to express conservative views,” Gaynor said in a media release. “This victory could not have come without your support. As such, it is not mine. It belongs to all of us."
The judgment ended nearly three years of costly legal action and effectively terminated 32 complaints (many of which were duplicates) for opposition to homosexual “marriage” brought against Gaynor by Australia's most notorious gay, self-described "anti-free speech" activist, Garry Burns.
“It follows that there is no operative power to refer such a complaint from the Anti-Discrimination Board to NCAT, nor for NCAT to determine a complaint which has been referred, nor for NCAT’s order purporting to determine such a complaint to be enforced,” the Court of Appeal said in its decision.
One of the complaints against Gaynor came after he objected on his blog to naked gay men exposing themselves to children at the Toronto Pride Parade in Canada. Another resulted from pointing out remarks made by an Australian judge who legitimized incest, saying it was "no longer taboo" because of the cultural embrace of homosexual behavior.
"He [Burns] has lodged more complaints in NSW history than anybody else,” Gaynor noted. “In fact, he has lodged almost all the homosexual vilification complaints in NSW history.”
In a telephone interview on Monday with LifeSiteNews, Gaynor said, "I've fought this case very hard for three years now and I think this case sets a huge precedent," he said.
Up until the ruling, Gaynor faced the prospect of fronting what he calls a "kangaroo court" and being ordered to issue a formal apology and pay fines up to $1.6 million to Burns. Failure to do so could be considered contempt and opened the possibility of Gaynor’s imprisonment.
A “kangaroo court” is a judicial tribunal or assembly that blatantly disregards recognized standards of law or justice, and often carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides.
"First of all, this matter ends the tyranny of the NSW anti-discrimination board and its serial complainants from attempting to launch complaints against anybody in Australia and holding them to account against NSW law," he said. “Secondly it provides great hope to the many, many Australians who want to see these anti-discrimination laws scrapped."
For now, the ruling still allows costly action against New South Wales residents who dare to express conservative views on marriage and family.
"I am disappointed that the arguments on political communication and religious freedom weren't considered. The judges only ruled on jurisdiction and those battles will come another day," he said.
"The key takeaway is that we should not be afraid of fighting anti-discrimination laws particularly because it is becoming increasingly evident that the anti-discrimination body themselves are operating entirely outside the law. They are unconstitutional. They are nothing more than political thought police."
As a result of the ruling, former Victorian political candidate Tess Corbett has also been spared contempt charges that might have resulted in her imprisonment. Gaynor assisted Corbett with her case in 2013, after Burns took her to court for her firm statements on homosexuality.
In one statement, Corbett implied that gays and lesbians were on the same level as pedophiles and emphatically declared that such individuals should not be allowed to work at her kindergarten. She was subsequently found to have engaged in "homosexual vilification," according to the NSW Administrative Tribunal and ordered to publish a public apology in The Sydney Morning Herald.
"It is clear from today’s ruling and recent revelations about the operation of the Australian Human Rights Commission that the entire anti-discrimination industry is operating outside the law,” Gaynor said. “This industry is best described as a political police force for the Greens [Party]."
"A Royal Commission is warranted into the operations, motives and actions of the henchmen who have become a self-anointed ‘Thought Police’ of Australia and the various states," he continued.
Gaynor is not confident, though, that a formal inquiry will be conducted. He has given instructions to his legal team to commence legal action against the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board as soon as possible.
"I have good reason to believe that this will be successful,” he wrote. “After all, the Acting President of the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has admitted in writing that her organization has breached its own statutory obligations under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW). The Board failed to provide me with information in relation to its ‘investigations’ into me.
"As such, it is appropriate to note that in this lengthy farcical saga the only people to have breached New South Wales anti-discrimination law are those who enforce it. It should not be a surprise at all that this is how ‘Thought Police’ operate."
He also hopes New South Wales police will take appropriate action against Burns for his decision to contact Islamic organizations and offer them Gaynor’s personal details, including his family’s home address. The subsequent harassment caused "great stress" for the Gaynor family and as a result they were forced to seek residence elsewhere for their own safety.
So far, the police have declined to take any action on the basis that Gaynor was subject to anti-discrimination complaints.
Gaynor said there's a public perception that anti-discrimination activists are nice people, but he argued to the contrary, saying "they have absolutely no regard for the law."
Gaynor is no stranger to drawn-out court battles in the ongoing fight for Christians to be able to express their opinions and beliefs publicly without hindrance.
LifeSiteNews previously reported that Gaynor was terminated in 2014 by the Australian Army, for whom he served three tours of duty in Iraq, after criticizing Army members for participating in a gay and lesbian parade and expressing his views on Islam.
Gaynor launched a suit in federal court against Army General David Hurley to have the termination decision overturned. Gaynor later won his appeal in the federal court protecting free speech for military personnel when off duty.
However, all action has been stayed in the case pending the outcome of the Department of Defence's appeal.
Gaynor thanked his wife, family and the thousands of Australians who have supported him.
"I could not have defended myself without their generosity and assistance. This victory belongs to all of them," he said, "and I must thank God as well. He has truly protected me."
Gaynor currently supports his family primarily through donations sent via his website from generous supporters where he writes what might be deemed as "controversial" and "daring" articles about the loss of Christian values in today's society and its impact on all aspects of life.
Find out how you can support Gaynor here.
Caleb Stephen is a widely-published Christian conservative freelance journalist, columnist and social commentator based in Australia. He is also the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Caleb Report. Caleb, the oldest in a family of nine, has been an active pro-life advocate for a number of years participating in rallies, political campaigns, multimedia promotion and public events. Caleb is thankful for the opportunity to be one of LifeSiteNews’ Australian correspondents. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @CalebSOfficial